What Could Cloud Computing Do For Your Business?

Lower costs, better processes. Cloud computing is the game-changer your business needs

The traditional way of providing computing power to your employees is to run important applications from software on a physical server located in the same building. As technology improved, those server rooms got smaller and smaller while the limitations of this way still remained. Cloud computing aims to overcome these limitations by providing a computing platform that is flexible, cost-effective, and safe. Through the cloud you can access software your business may not have been able to previously afford. The cloud offers expandable data storage options that can be used to save space and protect against disastrous data loss. Best yet, the cloud can reduce your costs and make your business more flexible.

Here are the reasons why businesses like yours choose cloud computing:

Better collaboration

Since your documents are stored in the cloud, it is easier to access, edit, and share documents with recipients, at anytime and from anywhere. Cloud-based file sharing applications and hosted workflows allow for real-time updates and full visibility of collaborations. Compare this to the old method of editing a document and emailing it to a recipient who makes edits of their own to a different version. This creates a mess of versions and formats and content that hurts more than it helps.

Easier disaster recovery

The ability to restore your system from a certain point in time is a critical ability. Small businesses with limited resources have difficulty implementing an on-premise data backup plan which is why the cloud is seen as a lower cost alternative. Through the cloud you can schedule regular backups which allow you to restore systems in the case of a natural disaster, files being accidentally deleted, or in the aftermath of a ransomware attack.

Work from anywhere

Cloud computing allows you to offer flexibility to your workforce. Through the cloud, they can access files anywhere they have an internet connection. Now your employees are no longer tied to the office, and your business can give its employees a better work/life balance without risking any loss of productivity.

Cut out the cost of hardware

Since data and applications are being hosted off-site, your business no longer needs to buy and maintain expensive servers or house them in an on-site data center. Cloud computing is simply pay as you go and features a subscription-based model. This turns your computing equipment from a capital expenditure to a monthly expense.

SSI is your key to cloud computing

The benefits of cloud computing will revolutionize the way you do business, and it will do so in a way that improves old ways without drastic changes. Word processing and spreadsheets will still do what you need them to; your business will just have evolved to exist in a different age. Call SSI, talk about your business and your pain points with our network specialists, and we can discuss with you how the cloud will benefit your employees and your business.

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