Treasury and Cash Management

Infor Advanced Treasury for CloudSuite Financials is a highly secure, software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform that will empower you to manage cash flow effectively.

When your business needs to address complex financial challenges or if you need a robust financial management system, SSI will help your business implement Infor’s Treasury and Cash Management software. This is a cloud-based, industry-specific application that comes in three modules. The first module, Cash and Liquidity, provides CFOs and treasurers with the visibility and reporting they need to optimize their cash, manage bank accounts, and monitor and predict liquidity. The second module, Transaction Lifecycle Management, enables users to manage and track debt and investments and is integrated with Infor’s cash management, payables, and global ledger to ensure straight-through processing. The third module, Payments, offers global, multi-bank payment solutions so you can pay vendors. Gain control of your finances, optimize your working capital, and centralize your payment processing

These modules have some powerful and customizable solutions for corporate treasury and finance. These features can benefit your business in many different ways.

Cash and Liquidity

Cash is a vital aspect of your business and without tight control of your liquidity, you run the risk of not being able to pay vendors or even meet basic expenses. Infor’s suite of cash and liquidity software gives your financial department the information they need to optimize your available cash and plan for potential shortcomings.

Cash Forecasting – Infor’s cash forecasting capabilities are unparalleled with extensive options for entry, import, modeling, and measuring the effectiveness of cash forecasts.

Cash Pooling and In-House Banking – Manage notional and physical multi-currency cash pools and track cash and non-cash transactions.

Multilateral netting – Calculate net positions by netting participant and provide overall visibility into currency exposures.

Accounting and compliance – Infor generate journal entries for all cash and liquidity modules, including bank transactions, in-house banking, and payments.



Transaction lifecycle management

With this set of modules, you have the ability to track and manage debt and expenses. They are fully integrated with other modules such as cash management and global ledgers to ensure straight-through processing.

Debt and investments – Infor fully supports external debt and investment management as well as intercompany loans to enable the full transaction lifecycle—deal entry/import, interest calculations, accounting, valuations, and reporting.

Accounting and compliance – Debt and investments generate journal entries, and one of the truly great features of all of Infor’s software solutions is that they are integrated. This means that entries pertaining to debt and investments are automatically integrated with entries from other areas.


Infor Treasury Management for CloudSuite Financials offers global, multi-bank payment solutions. Through these powerful modules, you can support corporate payment and disbursement workflows, including payment factories and payments-on-behalf-of (POBO).

Treasury Payments – Payments can be initiated within Infor as one-time entries, via templates or imported from internal systems. All payments are approved within Infor, including the application of digital signatures for both internal approvals and external authentication.

Security – Through these modules you get complete security and separation of duties. This includes standardized, secure, and monitored transmissions to all major global banking partners, multiple routing options to banks, and format transformation for ERP to-bank connectivity

Other Modules and Capabilities

Bank connectivity – Infor Advanced Treasury Management for CloudSuite Financials is a SWIFT-certified application providing a global connectivity service bureau for multi-bank connectivity as-a service integrated within its cloud platform.

Security in the cloud – Infor offers security in the cloud to meet and exceed IT’s application security requirements.

Business continuity – With a fully redundant architecture, Infor Advanced Treasury Management for CloudSuite Financials is always operational and accessible. The entire solution is replicated and available—including data, reports, bank connections, security controls, multi-protocols, login procedures, and even the same website.

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