Gain Firm Control Over Your Financial Reporting

Delivering better information on demand to more types of people presents serious logistical and technological challenges. Companies must integrate data sources in a way that is transparent to system users and present data in a way that is understandable and accessible and supports decision making. They need to know that the technology they choose today won’t be obsolete tomorrow.

Streamline and improve the effectiveness of your financial processes.

Prepare your options for competing successfully with Infor’s Performance Management.

Business Process Applications

With Infor’s Performance Management BPA’s, your company can move beyond simple performance measurements to comprehensive and true performance management.

  • Strategic Management – Our software gives you a cause-and-effect framework for linking strategic plans to operational plans, performance measures, and a key personnel. This is a visual, intuitive method for reporting about how the actions of operating units and individuals are contributing to the success of operational and strategic goals. Know at a glance whether your strategic plans are being implemented, to what degree, how well they worked, and why some actions were successful while others were not.
  • Planning – What is effective planning without testing? Easily create and compare multiple “what if” scenarios, test assumptions, change variables, assess the impact of events, and model your plans to meet targets and high-level business objectives. You can use key drivers and view your plans from multiple perspectives to support effective decision-making.
  • Budgeting – Our application allows you to develop any number of zero-based, historical-based, or rolling budgets. When you budget with CPM you improve the speed and accuracy of calculations, allocations, phasing, and currency translations. Because Infor PM’s Microsoft Excel interface sits on top of a single database, you also retain the familiar look and feel of spreadsheets but eliminate the accuracy and version-control problems. When a business change occurs, Infor PM automatically updates the affected numbers and reports throughout the system.
  • Forecasting – Combining the software’s statistical benchmark engine and analytic capabilities with your own experience, you gain a more accurate picture of future performance. These are statistically accurate forecasts that help you manage performance expectations, make appropriate tactical adjustments, and achieve performance goals.
  • Financial Consolidation – Our application has the power to combine multiple general ledgers, charts of accounts, and other financial information for companies that operate on a global scale. You can confidently improve corporate accountability, increase financial transparency, meet government-mandated regulations, and satisfy industry standards. Process, report, and analyze data in multiple currencies and view it from many different business perspectives.
  • Financial Reporting – When you present and use accounting data, it needs to be done in a way that is understandable to employees. CPM allows you to automate the generation, formatting, and distribution of financial statements and management reports. Here data can be presented in useful and easy-to-read formats such as bubble charts, bar charts, dashboards, scorecards, spreadsheets, and color-coded tables. The software also allows you to set automated early-warning alerts when results deviate from expected performance. This allows you to compare actual results against budgets and forecasts, drill down into the details, evaluate trends, and see the results of careful financial planning.

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