How Infor’s CloudSuite System Can Help Your Business

Cloud-based platforms with familiar tools and common navigation can transform the way you do business

As your business grows and your reporting and information needs to expand, you will find you need a robust, scalable, and industry specific enterprise software solution. Infor’s CloudSuite software is an advanced, customizable, cloud-based solution that will give your company the tools it needs to be competitive in a global, information-based environment. CloudSuite is designed to be the last software upgrade your company will ever need.

The basic and add-on tools offered by Infor’s Cloudsuite are the core nuts and bolts of your enterprise management system. Here is a rundown of what it has to offer:

Infor CloudSuite Business – This is an integrated ERP solution that allows you to run your entire business from one platform. You’ll gain deep visibility into your business, from financials and human resources to supply chain, sales, project and customer relationship management.

Infor CloudSuite Service – This solution meets the specific needs of companies that manufacture, install, or service complex and expensive products. With CloudSuite Service, you can increase the effectiveness and profitability of extended warranties and streamline the entire service life cycle.

Infor CloudSuite Request for Quote – Shop for purchase requests among all approved vendors through predefined parameters. This solution manages the complete purchasing workflow, allows managers to optimize budgeted resources, and makes it more efficient and effective.

Infor CloudSuite Automation – Handle routine tasks so you can continuously improve processes in response to always changing business conditions.

Infor CloudSuite Doc-Trak – This is a document tracking system that streamlines your office and manufacturing operations and can manage nearly any document type. Save time and eliminate the annoyance of managing paperwork with this simple and powerful tool.

Infor Campus – Infor cloud solutions are intuitive to use and make processes easier, not harder. But in order to get the most out of your business intelligence software, you must have staff that can use it confidently.

Infor Credit Card Interface – This is an integrated, efficient system that allows you to process transactions conveniently for the customer and cost-effectively for the organization.

Infor Tax Interface – Tax Interface performs all aspects of the tax compliance process, includingbilling, collections, remittance, and audit trail maintenance.

Infor ION – Infor’s Intelligent Open Network provides a powerful and scalable framework that helps you eliminate operational silos, dramatically improve exception management, and achieve end-to-end efficiency.

Infor Ming.le – Infor Ming.le is a comprehensive platform for social collaboration, business process improvement, and contextual analytics. It allows you to communicate alerts, share enterprise information, and publish discussions in an informal and unstructured fashion across the enterprise and throughout the supply chain.

Industry-specific and task oriented tools designed to meet your business needs


  • CloudSuite Automotive
  • CloudSuite Aerospace and Defense
  • CloudSuite Industrial Enterprise
  • CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine)


  • CloudSuite Distribution
  • CloudSuite Distribution Enterprise
  • CloudSuite Equipment
  • CloudSuite WMS

Consumer Products

  • CloudSuite Food & Beverage
  • CloudSuite Fashion
  • CloudSuite PLM


  • CloudSuite Financials
  • CloudSuite Expense Management

Human Resources

  • CloudSuite Workforce Management
  • CloudSuite HCM

Service Industries

  • CloudSuite Corporate
  • CloudSuite Healthcare
  • CloudSuite Public Sector

Asset Management

  • CloudSuite Enterprise Asset Management
  • CloudSuite Facilities Management Sales

Sales and Service

  • CloudSuite Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • CloudSuite Configure Price Quote
  • CloudSuite Field Service

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