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CloudSuite offers the simple, streamlined platform you need for your financial management.

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Streamline Your Financial Department

The more streamlined your financial information is, the easier your process is going to be. That’s why Smart Solutions works with Infor to deliver CloudSuite services for companies in any industry. Our custom-tailored solutions have been proven time and time again to help companies in the private sector, municipalities, and banks to optimize their information for simple, user-friendly access (while still remaining secure from cyberattacks). Infor’s cloud-based accounting software can help you run your business more efficiently than ever before, with intuitive tools, seamless cloud migration, and comprehensive service offerings designed to help firms flourish.

How Can Cloud Accounting Software Help Me?

According to Infor’s company website, CloudSuite Financials and Supply Management is “an integrated finance and supply management software suite that couples modern financial functionality with tools to track supplies and streamline order processes.” It offers several pertinent services and benefits, including:

  • Modern, user-friendly platform
    • Personalized home pages
    • Processes and information by role
    • Beautiful and intuitive user interface
  • Fully integrated supply management offering
    • Full visibility of indirect spend
    • Strengthened supplier relationships
    • Increased policy compliance
  • Reinvented global general ledger for financials
    • Unlimited financial calendars
    • Unlimited ledgers and basis reporting
    • Unlimited dimension strings
  • Robust analytics for both financials and supply management
    • Uncover cost savings opportunities
    • Powered by data-science
    • Embeds analytics directly in users’ work streams

CloudSuite Financial solutions are the easiest decision you’ll ever make.

Maximize what your financial firm is capable of with CloudSuite.

Cloud Migration Made Simple

The easier your move to the cloud is, the more quickly you can get right back to work. With Smart Solutions, we put you in the best position possible to operate with an accounting service that makes financial management a simpler process than it ever was before, with access to real time accounting data and relevant information concerning your internal process and clients’ information. At Smart Solutions, we make sure that our technology offerings actively work to make your life easier. Our fully-integrated solutions are proven to maximize productivity, optimize performance accuracy, and keep your data secure from various cyberthreats.

Effective Collaboration Leads to Efficient Execution

Making better decisions more quickly is what every company wants. In business, you can’t afford to rest on your laurels—you need a solution, quickly. Smart Solutions can help you stay “forever modern,” putting you in a unique position to always grow, regardless of industry factors that might have derailed you when you worked with outdated software. Never settle for a solution that’s not quite right for what you want to achieve. Boost performance, increase efficiency, and make your business run better, with CloudSuite.

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