CloudSuite Financials

Streamline Your Financial Department

The more streamlined your financial information is, the easier your process is going to be. That’s why Smart Solutions works with Infor to deliver CloudSuite services for companies in any industry. Our custom-tailored solutions have been proven time and time again to help companies in the private sector, municipalities, and banks to optimize their information for simple, user-friendly access (while still remaining secure from cyberattacks). Infor’s cloud-based accounting software can help you run your business more efficiently than ever before, with intuitive tools, seamless cloud migration, and comprehensive service offerings designed to help firms flourish.


How Can Cloud Accounting Software Help Me?

According to Infor’s company website, CloudSuite Financials and Supply Management is “an integrated finance and supply management software suite that couples modern financial functionality with tools to track supplies and streamline order processes.” It offers several pertinent services and benefits, including:


  • Modern, user-friendly platform
    • Personalized home pages
    • Processes and information by role
    • Beautiful and intuitive user interface


  • Fully integrated supply management offering
    • Full visibility of indirect spend
    • Strengthened supplier relationships
    • Increased policy compliance
  • Reinvented global general ledger for financials
    • Unlimited financial calendars
    • Unlimited ledgers and basis reporting
    • Unlimited dimension strings


  • Robust analytics for both financials and supply management
    • Uncover cost savings opportunities
    • Powered by data-science
    • Embeds analytics directly in users’ work streams



CloudSuite Financial solutions are the easiest decision you’ll ever make.

Maximize what your financial firm is capable of with CloudSuite. See all the features included below.


Asset accounting

Manage asset depreciation calculations and reporting
requirements to satisfy general ledger tax and other depreciation books for fixed assets.

Get fast, easy access to key asset information such as book value, location of assets,
inventory costs, lease cost, and depreciation values.

Configure asset definitions by department, cost center, or location, while complying with current accounting standards and reporting requirements.


Global ledger

Accommodate different fiscal year ends and other reporting requirements with unlimited financial calendars.

Unlimited ledgers and basis reporting deliver financial information for regional regulatory requirements, management reporting requirements, consolidations, or other reporting needs.

And unlimited dimension strings allow users to track and report on financial or non-financial data tailored to the requirements of your organization, including non-financial data.


Reporting & Analytics

Experience a new level of trusted insight with Infor Birst®.

Birst provides a next-generation, cloud-based platform for networked business intelligence and delivers pre-built data models, strategic KPIs, operational metrics, and a library of reports and analytic widgets, organized by industry.

Empower your managers and executives with the information they need to make sound business decisions.


Payables and matching

Move away from manual, paper-based purchasing to lower cost, high control automated purchasing functionality.

This includes comprehensive payables capabilities, including vendor maintenance, invoice processing, payment processing, and regulatory reporting and compliance. Streamline labor intensive invoice processes with real-time visibility into your vendor invoices and approval processes.


Project ledger

Get complete, end-to-end project accounting for capital projects, cost, and revenue activities and efficiently manage day-to-day grant transactions.

Flexible enough to track many types of both internal and external projects, Infor FSM’s project ledger capabilities help effectively manage projects— from inception to completion—on budget and on time.


Close Management

Establish a single close process across the entire organization and make manual operational checklists a thing of the past.

Built-in process flows for approval and prebuilt dashboards by period, process, and sub-process increase efficiency and reduce errors, while the ability to easily slice and dice data helps you better support both routine reporting and executive decision-making processes.


Payables Digital OCR

Scan and connect your documents through a standard web browser and connect the documents to your business process using Infor Document Management (IDM) and smart OCR capture technology. Automate your document workflows through automatic categorization and retrieval of key document metadata.


Supplier Punchout

Provide access to external supplier catalogs and sites and allow casual users to shop and browse from them with Infor FSM’s punchout capabilities. Facilitate central supplier usage, increase self-service, and reduce procurement costs with flexible, integrated capabilities.


Integration Platform 

Infor’s OS platform provides Infor FSM users with a world-class technology suite of services that serve as a unifying foundation for your business software ecosystem.

Integrate Infor and third-party enterprise products in the cloud, on-premises, or in hybrid deployments with Infor’s advanced integrated PaaS capabilities and API gateway.


Supplier Portal

Promote stronger collaboration and communication with suppliers and reduce supplier management costs with Infor FSM.

From supplier on-boarding and electronic RFx submissions to account maintenance/inquiry and purchase order management, Infor FSM provides greater visibility into supplier spend and an increased ability to facilitate supplier consolidation.


Intercompany Billing

Access a role-based, multi-company billing solution with an intuitive user experience that delivers analytics, list views, reports, common processes, action requests, and wizards to each responsible employee according to their role.

Embedded search capabilities enhance productivity by connecting users to the data they need when they need it—without requiring them to know where the data is stored.


Strategic Sourcing

Streamline RFP processes, promote better supplier relationships, and improve both visibility and transparency with Infor FSM’s strategic sourcing capabilities.

Reverse auctions, a self-service portal for suppliers, electronic RFx, and a range of other fully integrated features enable full
source-to-settle functionality.


Funds Management

Manage and allocate revenue that you acquire through donations, tax payments, grants, and other public and private sources. Ensure that funds are used in the most efficient way possible to maximize the potential benefit of every dollar.


Mobile supply chain management

Infor’s Mobile Supply Chain Management solution leverages mobile handhelds, automated data collection, and wireless technology to simplify receiving, delivery, and inventory processes.

Integrated directly with FSM core applications, MSCM provides mobile access and utility for common supply chain processes such as receiving, delivery, picking, issues, and par and cycle counting, among others.


Fund accounting

Manage and allocate revenue that you acquire through donations, tax payments, grants, and other public and private sources. Ensure that funds are used in the most efficient way possible to maximize the potential benefit of every dollar.


Reconciliation Management

Effectively manage, perform, and streamline account reconciliations by monitoring status, performance, and compliance metrics.

Accounts can be directly imported from the chart of accounts and automatically reconciled based on user-defined rules using a simple and intuitive manual reconciliation option.


Warehouse management

Address all activities required inside warehouses and distribution centers with best-of-breed functionality that speeds up the flow of goods—from goods receipt to shipping. Infor FSM provides order picking, confirmation, tracking, and inquiry capabilities; real-time visibility into purchasing
processes; and a range of other features designed to help production, inventory, and order processes run smoothly and efficiently.


Inventory Management

Streamline the flow of goods with capabilities flexible enough to support a variety of methods for managing inventory. Effectively manage inventoried and non-stock items, efficiently process inventory transactions, and monitor/ manage inventory throughout the whole organization—
resulting in greater efficiency and the ability to drive hidden costs out of inventory processes.


Expense Management

Infor Expense Management (XM) is the most flexible and configurable travel and entertainment (T&E) expense management solution on the market. Infor XM’s suite of four integrated applications (Expense Reports, Travel Plans, Payment Requests, and Timesheets) can be used either individually or in any combination to automate expense-related business processes, enforce policy compliance, cut administrative costs, and reduce the risk of accidental errors and intentional fraud.


Treasury Management 

Infor Treasury Management is a highly secure, software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform. Tackle many of today’s most complex financial challenges by empowering forward-thinking teams to optimize key capabilities for cash and risk management, payments, and working capital strategies. Infor Treasury Management helps businesses better manage cash flow, optimize working capital, and centralize payment processing.



Cloud Migration Made Simple

The easier your move to the cloud is, the more quickly you can get right back to work. With Smart Solutions, we put you in the best position possible to operate with an accounting service that makes financial management a simpler process than it ever was before, with access to real time accounting data and relevant information concerning your internal process and clients’ information. At Smart Solutions, we make sure that our technology offerings actively work to make your life easier. Our fully-integrated solutions are proven to maximize productivity, optimize performance accuracy, and keep your data secure from various cyberthreats.

Effective Collaboration Leads to Efficient Execution

Making better decisions more quickly is what every company wants. In business, you can’t afford to rest on your laurels—you need a solution, quickly. Smart Solutions can help you stay “forever modern,” putting you in a unique position to always grow, regardless of industry factors that might have derailed you when you worked with outdated software. Never settle for a solution that’s not quite right for what you want to achieve. Boost performance, increase efficiency, and make your business run better, with CloudSuite.