Prepare Your Business For Growth

Global markets are becoming increasingly competitive which means your company needs to be able to make budgeting and planning decisions faster. Infor’s d/EPM system collects real-time data and translates it into business knowledge that is delivered through an intuitive, easy-to-use interface. This incorporates all of your business systems, either on-premise or cloud-based, or both. This gives your organization the ability to:

  • Transform information into actionable insights to increase your competitive advantage.
  • See a real-time report of performance of information from across your enterprise to help speed up decision making.
  • Collaborate with key decision makers on budgeting.
  • Make decisions in context to your business plans.
  • Combine planning, budgeting, and forecasting into a single system.
  • Optimize your headcount to meet scheduling requirements and to discover gaps between planned and actual coverage.
  • Leverage delivered solutions to simplify data integration and improve performance.

Connect strategy, planning, and knowledge in one industry-leading platform.

Infor’s dynamic enterprise performance suite is more than budgeting software.

Industry-Specific Tools To Meet Your Specific Needs

An integrated suite of business intelligence applications is a powerful business tool. Combine analysis and compliance tools that align with your industry requirements, and integrate with new or existing information systems. Your business data and the knowledge derive from it will unlock new opportunities that can have lasting effects on your business.

Our solutions are created to better accommodate the needs of specific industries and financial institutions. This includes financial services, healthcare, hospitality, manufacturing, public sector, and more. Infor d/EPM delivers dashboards and information by industry and business process areas. Infor d/EPM provides visibility across all of your critical processes in a system that can be tailored to your needs.

  • Budgeting and Planning – Compare plans to forecast, create plan hierarchies, and adjust plans in response to a changing business environment and external events.
  • Financial Consolidation – Combine multiple sets of books from each of your business entities to generate a single set of financial statements.
  • Workforce Budgeting – Assess headcount requirements, model salary adjustments, assess room for increasing or decreasing staff.
  • Workforce Planning – Match headcount to demand so that you have the right people assigned to the right products, cost center, or customer.
  • Cost Allocation – Identify cost objects across your business and distribute them through multi-step, multi-level allocations as part of the overall planning process.
  • Capital Planning – Determine which projects to fund and carefully assess your capital investments.
  • Strategy Management – Map out goals, connect them to tactical plans, monitor progress compared to strategic measurements, and set alerts so that you can take corrective action.
  • Flexibility – Our solutions are built on your business intelligence needs. This means you can look at any aspect of your business as granularly as you need it to be.

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