Barbados d/epm

Infor d/EPM & Intercompany Eliminations

Dynamic Enterprise Performance Management (Infor d/EPM) is a cloud-based application that is wholly integrated with CloudSuite Financials.   It provides a platform to manage the unified operations of planning, budgeting, forecasting, intercompany eliminations and consolidations.  d/EPM offers real-time access to your consolidations processing activities and provides financial reports out of the box.

Dynamic Enterprise Performance Management (Infor d/EPM)

There are numerous benefits The Government of Barbados would realize from using d/EPM to manage its Consolidations processes.

Finance Owned Application

  • A minimal amount of IT support is required
  • Simplify the tasks associated with consolidation by using delivered processes, notifications, and workflow capabilities
  • Collect, consolidate, and report accurate data from GOB & SOEs
  • Standardized accounts from CloudSuite require no mapping tables
  • Use Infor Operating Services (ION) to import balances from different data sources or Excel feeds that originate outside of CloudSuite 
  • SOEs can develop and maintain mapping tables for their data sources to manage monthly data uploads and conversion with no rework
    • Once the data is submitted it cannot be changed by the SOEs
    • Secure access by entity and/or entity groups
  • Consolidation Status Dashboards are available to monitor Group and Entity Processes

Customize Your Configuration

  • Develop hierarchical relationships and roll-ups
  • Manage complex ownership structures and inter-company transactions
    • Create rules for intercompany processing and eliminations
    • Drill down to review out of balance transactions
  • Multi-level consolidations allow you to view operations uniquely or group by sub-group
    • General Government Sector
    • Public Financial Corporations
    • Public Non-Financial Corporations
    • Education
    • Health
    • Tourism
    • etc.
  • Produce consolidations for the entire Government.

Consolidation Features

  • Analyze, review, and adjust imported data by entity or by group
  • Record adjustments and manage version control
  • Account Reconciliation (Intercompany)
  • Intercompany Reconciliation Status
  • Provides full audit trail of changes

Delivered Reporting

  • Real time data access – any changes are available for immediate review
    • Accommodates version control to conduct analysis and review changes prior to completion
  • Deliver financial results to the Parliament or funding agencies such as, IADB, World Bank, etc
  • The following reports are some examples of out of the box reporting provided with d/EPM :
    • Entity or Group Assets
    • Entity or Group Liabilities
    • Entity or Group Income Statement
    • Entity or Group Schedules
    • Entity or Group Cash Flow Final Statement
  • Deliver reports based on multi-level consolidation structures
  • Ability to produce different reporting results to meet reporting standards such as, IPSAS, GAAP, etc.
  • Develop configurable home pages to provide KPIs at a glance


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