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Infor Financials and Supply Chain (FSM)

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This demonstration provides an overview of Infor FSM’s requisition to payment process with the contracts and strategic sourcing modules enabled.  Recording requisitions in FSM ensures funds are committed in advance of purchasing.  Approved requisition lines can be routed to one of the following paths: 

  • Issue inventory items

  • Forward the request to the Strategic Sourcing module for competitive bidding or to obtain price quotations

Awarded sourcing events can become contracts or can be returned to FSM for further processing as approved requisitions that become purchase orders. 

  • Use Requisition Self Service to procure items from a Vendor’s hosted, online catalogue, which contains authorized items and approved pricing.

  • Requisition items from approved contracts


Cash Receipting by COREBT

See how COREBT can be used to deliver a modern, efficient, secure platform to streamline in-person or online payments that result in accelerated revenue collection.  This demonstration provides an overview of CORE’s digital payment options and how it can be integrated with Infor FSM.   COREBT is not an Infor product.