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Infor offers a robust and comprehensive range of reporting options to meet the diverse needs of organizations. These reporting solutions provide powerful capabilities for generating and analyzing financial data. Infor’s reporting options include customizable dashboards, ad-hoc reporting tools, and pre-built report templates designed for specific industries or functional areas. These solutions enable users to create meaningful and insightful reports, visualize data through interactive charts and graphs, and perform in-depth analysis for informed decision-making. Infor’s reporting options are known for their user-friendly interfaces, flexibility in data manipulation, and integration with various data sources. Whether it’s financial statements, operational reports, or performance analytics, Infor’s reporting solutions offer organizations the tools they need to gain valuable insights and drive business success.

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Diverse Reporting Options for Enhanced Decision-Making

Infor’s reporting approach provides users with the right reporting tool for the job.  Infor delivers four primary tools out of the box:

  • BI FSM delivers several financial reports allowing review of and access to the financial results.  Reports include Comparative Balance Sheet, Consolidated Income Statement, Income Statement – Budget vs. Actual, Summary Trial Balance, Statement of Capital Expenditures, and Project reports.  Drill down to detail and transaction sources is available.  Various filters, hierarchies, and charts can be selected to analyze KPIs.

  • CSF Analytics supports decision-making by contextualizing information from disparate sources to deliver actionable insights.  Reports are delivered in collections that provide access to users based on their FSM security roles.  Analytical and transaction level detail reports are delivered for Payables, Purchasing, Inventory Management, Asset Management, and Projects.  Filtering on various parameters is available and varies by report.

  • Financials & Supply Management underlying technology, Landmark, presents information by way of delivered reports and/or page lists that provide various views of transactions as they pass processing stages.  Users can run reports on demand or customize page lists to develop and/or schedule reports.

  • Global Ledger Report Designer is a new tool that provides Accountants with the capability to quickly develop and distribute information to meet ad hoc business requests.  No IT or special skills are required.

This presentation provides an introduction to BI FSM and CSF Analytics powered by EPM and Birst respectively along with a brief introduction to the Global Ledger Report Writer, delivered in April, 2023.  These tools are used to:

  • Deliver real-time or near real-time data into the hands of decision makers

  • Export data to CSV, PDF, etc., schedule and/or distribute reports, store reports in Infor Document Management

  • Save favourites to rerun reports based on your preferences

  • Drill thru to transaction level detail

  • Get results and make decisions based on having the tools available to analyze business performance

Note:  Some features will vary by application.  Ability to review reports may be limited due to your FSM Role or due to customized security developed by ISU.

Important Insights:

Accessing the Reports

The reports discussed are accessible through BI FSM, a pre-installed application included in the FSM suite of products. These reports are available in all multi-tenant environments, including PROD, TRN, and TST. To obtain access to these reports, users need to contact ISU (Information Systems Unit) to request the necessary security access privileges. Once access is granted, users can locate BI FSM in the Navigation menu or Application Switcher.

Persistence of Edits in the Context Section

After logging out and logging back in, the edits made in the context section of the report remain intact. To ensure this continuity, users can save the report as a favorite. By doing so, any report that is opened will default to the previously selected context settings. If any changes are required, they can be made and saved to a new favorite.

Running Reports by Cost Center

Users have the ability to run any report by filtering it based on Cost Center. To access the context view, users can use the << >> double angle mark indicators to open or close it. Within the context view, various dimensions can be filtered, including Cost Center, which can be achieved by utilizing the Finance Dimension 1. This flexibility allows users to generate reports specific to their desired Cost Centers.

Development of Cash Flow Statement

Infor, the software provider, has made a commitment to develop new financial reports, which will include a Cash Flow Statement. However, specific delivery dates for these reports are currently unknown. Users can expect enhancements and updates to the reporting capabilities in the future, including the addition of the Cash Flow Statement.

Filtering Based on User Security

The reports in BI FSM are automatically filtered based on the user’s security settings. The financial data accessible to each user is determined by the user security configuration in BI FSM, which is managed by ISU. Typically, the user’s access in FSM (Financial Systems Management) closely mirrors their access in BI FSM, although it may vary depending on their assigned role. This ensures that users can only view the financial data that aligns with their authorized access privileges.