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Effective Personnel Planning

Webinar On-demand   

Effective workforce planning can be difficult because of the challenges associated with determining overall headcount. Decision makers need greater insight into resource demands and costs associated with personnel planning.

A strategic workforce plan will help your organization avoid under-staffing, over-staffing, or misallocating employees, which can severely halt growth.
We will discuss how many high-performance organizations manage to conduct workforce planning to ensure agility and success effectively.

It is important to understand how this new approach can be broken down into several strategies that will help you gain an edge over competitors and increase revenue for your organization.

After this webinar, you will be able to:

1. Discuss ways to forecast attrition and workforce demand planning.
2. Describe how to leverage workforce planning scenarios.
3. Develop a workforce plan to gain a productive advantage.
4. Give examples of how to reduce the impact of workforce fluctuations on strategic, operating, and financial plans.

Effective Cash-Flow Forecasting

Webinar On-demand

Finance professionals are facing increasing pressure to manage the financial implications of this disruption and position their company for continued success.

After spending weeks or months on your 2020 budget, forecast, and personnel plan, it’s frustrating to realize they are no longer relevant.

Now you’re tasked with the challenge of quickly pivoting plans and outlining how your organization should move forward.

Without an accurate lens into where your business stands or being able to accurately project your cash flow, your executives won’t be able to make those strategic decisions.

Learn how effective cash flow forecasting can offer your company key business intelligence that improves financial planning, fuels strategic agility, and empowers better decision making.

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Planning during uncertain times 

Webinar On-demand

Does your budgeting process still take way too long?

As your business grows, budgeting becomes more complex and harder to manage.

Spreadsheets don’t always simplify budgeting, they can introduce additional complexity, management, human-error, and delays into an already complicated process.

You need a flexible and accurate tool that gives you control over your budgeting process.

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