Corporate Financial Planning in Uncertain Times

Financial Planning in Uncertain Times

Reacting to COVID-19 with Insight and Agility

Re-defining the evolution of Finance with Prophix


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Financial Departments in Uncertain Times


We are living in unprecedented and uncertain times and Financial Departments need a specific solution.

Finance professionals are facing increasing pressure to manage the financial implications of the COVID-19 disruption and position his company for continued success moving forward.

But after spending weeks or months on the 2021’s budget, forecast, and personnel plan, and now in these uncertain times, they’re no longer relevant.

Now, Financial Departments are tasked with the challenge of quickly pivoting plans to analyze their financials and outlining how the organization should move forward.

Smart Solutions International has put together white papers and uses case series to address top concerns and questions surrounding  Financial Planning in these uncertain times.

Webinar On-demand: Cash Remains King!

Webinar on-demand  –  Cash Remains King!

With unexpected changes to your revenue and costs as a result of the pandemic, it’s no small task to revisit your prior cash flow expectations.

Without an accurate cash flow forecast, you run the risk of having insufficient funds to settle bills and repay debts.

Watch now the webinar and we take you through best practices for calculating business cash flow and the insights you can glean from this metric.

Watch the webinar  here

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Cash Flow - Customer Story

Corporate Financial Planning in Uncertain Times

With effective & up-to-date reporting, Criterium can now plans for the future for the first time ever.

They are also more efficient in their everyday work.

The finance team no longer has to double-check formulas in multi-page Excel workbooks.

Find more clicking on the image.

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How to Plan in Times of Uncertainty in 5 Easy Steps

How to Plan in Times of Uncertainty in 5 Easy Steps

For many C-suite executives, it is hard enough to accurately budget, plan, and forecast.

When faced with an evolving and unpredictable situation, CFOs must quickly evaluate the impact on their organization’s revenue planning, costs, production, headcount, and overall business performance.

Today, we’ll look at what CFOs around the globe can do to quickly respond to changing conditions and ensure business continuity while improving planning processes and minimizing organizational risk.

Read the article here and get valuable information.

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Use EPM to Help Navigate Through the COVID-19 Crisis

The COVID-19 global pandemic impacts organizations in all regions.

Organizations in all regions will face significant uncertainty during at least the next 12-18 months.

Enterprise performance management (EPM) systems can play a key role in helping organizations navigate through this crisis.

They can identify short-term impacts and help organizations react quickly and positively as economic recovery starts.

Follow the link to understand the role of EPM and Corporate Financial Departments Plan in these uncertain times.

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Scenario Planning - Video Customer Story

Colt Templin, Manager of Budget & Financial Analysis at UPMC Health Plan, shares how Prophix has allowed them to get off of Excel.

Moreover, they now reinvest their time into the analysis, answering questions, and building relationships with their business partners.

Watch the Video included in our series  Financial Departments Plan in uncertain times.

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How to Consider the “What ifs” in Times of Uncertainty

How to Consider the “What-ifs” in Times of Uncertainty

The need for active forecasting based on real data is paramount to making well-informed decisions about the future. In uncertain times, it’s all about becoming agile.

Welcome to the world of CPM – Corporate Performance Management – a tool that transforms your finance department by making processes more efficient, agile, and automated.

Now you can leverage your data to improve planning, reporting, security, workflows, and consolidations, all while reducing human error.

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Forecasting - Customer Story

Customer Story - eONE

eOne sought out the best technology to quickly generate financial statements.

They desired a Performance Management (CPM) solution that had the ability to easily create ad-hoc reports, work with multiple currencies, generate multiple forecasts with different rates, reasonable costs for licensing and external assistance, and an acceptable implementation timeframe.

After implementing Prophix, eOne can roll forward long-term forecasts into new budgets.

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Personnel Planning - Customer Story

Customer Story - Personnel Planning

All-Star Directories, an  independent marketing, and technology company focused on improving lives through
education wanted to enhance their budgeting and reporting capabilities.

After a recommendation from their CFO, who had used Prophix at a previous company, All-Star Directories can now budget, report, and plan in much less time using Prophix’s Corporate Performance Management (CPM) software.

Another Customer Story in our  Financial Planning in Uncertain Times Series.

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