Tableau Free Workshop and Demo

Accelerate your time to value with this Tableau free workshop and data trends.
As the global economy recovers, your data skills will be in high demand.
Now is time to see and understand data with Tableau free workshop.
Quickly build powerful calculations from existing data, drag and drop reference lines and forecast, and review statistical summaries.
Make your point with trend analyses, regressions, and correlations for tried and true statistical understanding.
Ask new questions, spot trends, identify opportunities, and make data-driven decisions with confidence.
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Tableau Transformation Series

Today, self-service analytics and data-driven decision-making are the norms in leading organizations worldwide.
Data preparation has historically been an IT function. Few had the ability to prep and bring new data sources into the organization’s centralized data warehouse.
Rather, the landscape has evolved: the volume and variety of data organizations collect have exploded.
In the first place, data is not always centralized but often flows through pipelines where use cases determine its ingestion, storage, transformation, and distribution.
Whereas analytics platforms are increasingly available to broader audiences to inform decision-making.
In conclusion, discover this new landscape in the white paper included in the Transformation Series.

Main Features

Tableau is a complete, easy-to-use, enterprise-ready visual business intelligence platform that helps
people see and understand data through rapid-fire, self-service analytics at scale.
Whether on-premisesor in the cloud, on Windows or Linux, Tableau leverages your existing technology investments and scaleswith you as your data environment shifts and grows. Unleash the power of your most valuable assets: your data and your people.
Fast Analytics – Connect and visualize your data in minutes.
Speed – Tableau is 10 to 100x faster than existing solutions.
Big Data, Any Data – From spreadsheets to databases to Hadoop to cloud services, explore any data.
Update Automatically – Get the freshest data with a live connection to your data or get automatic updates on a schedule you define.
Ease of Use – Anyone can analyze data with intuitive drag & drop products. No programming, just insight.
Smart Dashboards – Combine multiple views of data to get richer insight. Best practices of data visualization are baked right in.
Share in Seconds –  Publish a dashboard with a few clicks to share it live on the web and on mobile devices.

Adaptive user interface

Birst provides an adaptive user experience, supporting all styles of business intelligence and analytics. Birst’s user experience includes visual data discovery, interactive and responsive dashboards, pixel-perfect reporting, native and offline mobile, smart analytics, and self-service data preparation fully integrated with the centralized data provided by IT.

  • Enjoy seamless integration between dashboards, data discovery, and reporting
  • Support for all skill levels—from business users to data scientists
  • Access information anywhere—online and offline on any device
  • Leverage embedded analytics in Infor’s industry ERP solutions and applications
  • Embed analytics in your applications to monetize data with flexible APIs

Native cloud multi-tenant architecture

Birst’s native cloud architecture provides a low total cost of ownership (TCO), rapid deployment, automated zero-cost, zero-pain upgrades, programmatic life cycle management, and standards-based, completely open integration.

  • Economically scale on-demand—both users and data volumes
  • Experience a fast time to value with iterative and agile deployment
  • Support public cloud, private cloud, and on-premises deployments

A platform for networked business analytics

Infor Birst® automates the process of preparing data and adds an adaptive user experience for business users that works across any device. Birst’s unique networked analytics technology enables centralized and decentralized teams to work collaboratively by unifying IT-managed data with user-owned data.

This brochure provides more detail on Birst’s primary design principles, key elements of its cloud architecture, an overview of Birst security and reliability, and goes on to show how Birst delivers a complete networked business analytics platform.



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    Since 1995 the Smart Solutions team has been bringing you in-depth business, product, and industry expertise with our solution partners including Infor, Prophix, Tableau, and more. Our professionals understand the critical need for a quick response whether you are implementing a packaged Enterprise Business solution, a spend control solution, or developing specific business analytics for your business.

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