We are Solutions and Expertise in Financial Management Software for the office of the CFO.

ERP, HCM, FMS, BI all with attention to finances as well as continuous accounting. Additionally, we specialize in treasury management. All this is complemented by procurement and business intelligence.

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In Summary We Offer Financial Management Software Solutions Specifically for the CFO

Financial Management Systems

Above all gain access to all your important accounting functions anywhere and at anytime.

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Analytics & Business Intelligence

ERP coupled with powerful tools that show you the story behind the numbers.

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Cloud Financial Close Solutions

Therefore automate and simplify thousands of closing transactions to save time and ensure accuracy.

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Enterprise Asset Management

In particular track the disposition, value, and condition of all important assets.

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Specifically, simplify the purchasing process with powerful vendor management tools.

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Enterprise Resource Planning

Effectively streamline budgeting for purchased capital assets across a company.

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Treasury and Cash Management

Optimize cash and liquidity, control bank accounts, deliver compliance, and better manage banking and financial transactions.

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Data Visualization

Energize your company with the power of visual data and seamless integration.

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Corporate Performance Management

Streamline and improve the management of your financial performance

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Industries We Serve

Infor public Sector

Public Sector

Governments need to watch their spending, by and large powerful analytical tools will allow them to get the most value out of every penny.

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Financial Services

When your business is managing money there are no better ways to organize your business than using Smart Software Solutions.

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Organization, ease of use, security. There is no doubt these functions are critical to your organization.

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From the point of sale to your books, we provide sophisticated financial controls. In essence end to end control, management and reporting.

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Manufacturing & Distribution

Control the entire supply chain with our common-sense logistics management tools. In particular use smart analytics to improve business profits.

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Monitor inventory, control labor costs, and make sure you are as profitable as possible. Overall management with a click.

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Above all SSI is Expertise in Financial Management Software

Since 1995 the Smart Solutions team has been bringing you expertise. Moreover we provide in-depth business, product, and industry expertise with our solution partners. Our partners include Infor (now withBirst), PROACTIS, BlackLine, Tableau and IBM. Our professionals understand the critical need for rapid time to value. We assist and advise whether you are implementing a packaged Enterprise Business solution, spend control solution, or developing specific and actionable Business Analytics for your business objectives.

We are proud of the long term relationships we have with our customers.  Moreover our software partners continue to bring new and exciting technologies to the forefront of business applications. Smart Solutions in turn are able to partner with our existing and new customers to deliver the benefits from these solutions and enable growth.

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