‘Tableau Day’ Workshop At Banco Popular Puerto Rico

Smart Solutions International (SSI)  and Tableau recently held an onsite ‘Tableau Day’ workshop at Banco Popular Puerto Rico.

Customized to the needs of the Banco Popular, the workshop was designed to evangelize the use of Tableau across various departments and business functions at the bank’s operations in Puerto Rico.

Tableau has been used successfully by the bank at the US affiliate for some time now, and management has been keen to realize the same great results for local operations on the island.  SSI, in partnership with Tableau, built dashboards for the bank and presented these back to key users, who were then guided during the workshop to reconstruct them in a matter of hours – having had no previous training on Tableau.

The results were amazing, and the event was deemed to be a resounding success. Tableau is the first solution on the market to fulfill the promise of Self-Service Business Intelligence.  Designed with the end user in mind, while quite sophisticated, Tableau is also very easy to learn and to use.

Tableau’s stated mission is to “Help people to see and understand their data”.   The application tools enables business to quickly analyze, visualize and collaborate using their data to create interactive dashboards and reports.

More than 35,000 customers in the private and public sectors around the world use Tableau to gain insight into the data that drives their business.  Using Tableau, business users can combine very large amounts of data from multiple data sources, and then present this in a way that is not only visually appealing but that also which stimulates discussion within the organization; and often leading to uncovering new business opportunities!

Tableau’s rapid-fire business intelligence provides a fast, easy way to make visual analytics available to everyone.  Its range of capabilities, from Mobile BI to analyzing Big Data, means Tableau offers a full breadth of capabilities that allow you to create visual analysis that yields actionable insight.

SSI, and its parent FinanceControls.com, are uniquely positioned to help companies in the Caribbean and Latin America achieve their goals using new technologies to develop seamless integration across a diverse range of solutions even while tightening event-driven workflow and analytics.

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