Financial Transformation Series for CFOs- CloudSuite Financials

Financial Transformation Series

Cloud Suite Financial Information

This Financial Transformation series of topics will help you understand how modern Cloud Solutions are helping the Financial Services Industry improve profitability and increase agility in the everchanging landscape.

Modern solutions for finance and purchasing professionals

CloudSuite Financials & Supply Management is an integrated finance and supply management software suite that couples modern financial functionality with tools to track supplies and streamline order processes. End-to-end, fully integrated capabilities are designed specifically for today’s users.​

How Technology Can Lead the Way to Transformation

The overused term “growth” is front of mind for most chief financial officers. Whether it’s through mergers and acquisitions or organic means like new product and service introductions or expansion into new markets, studies show that growth is a top priority for a high percentage of CFOs.

Technology, or the lack thereof, can either help or hinder growth.

This white paper examines the technologies that can help organizations meet the challenges that growth creates and master them to succeed.

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The Next Generation for a Financial Management Solution

Watch this Infor CloudSuite Financials video to learn about the next generation financial management solution that provides a global general ledger, embedded business intelligence, deep industry-driven functionality, and built-in collaboration.

Are you ready to face this challenge?

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3 key Areas Where CFOs Say Treasurers Need to Be More Strategic

Few functions are more fundamental to the corporate enterprise than treasury. Few have a longer history, either. Managing cash and liquidity, along with all attendant processes and risks, have been critical undertakings for as long as there have been businesses.

Read this white paper to learn about the three key areas where CFOs say treasurers need to be more strategic in order to support increasingly complex business enterprises.

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Transform Despite New Challenges in Financial Services

Today, a confluence of rapidly evolving technologies, changing regulations, and new business pressures and expectations are turning some of yesterday’s standard practices into sources of disruption—and even risk—for financial institutions.

That’s why so many leaders are trying to innovate and transform in unique ways. Here are six key challenges facing financial services—and how you can actively respond.

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Digitization and Value: Innovation for Insurance Companies in the New Digital Age

To succeed and overcome modern challenges, insurance organizations must clearly distinguish themselves and the value they offer from competitors, transform business processes, and find flexible, digital tools and technology to innovate.

But digitization alone does not create value. This overview of modern Infor solutions designed for the Insurance industry and Financial Services shows how organizations can use digital tools in this new digital age to drive enterprise performance transformation, align human resources processes to optimize change management, and more strategically position businesses for success.

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3 References that Highlights the Benefits by INFOR Cloud Suite Financials

Built-in collaboration, connected business intelligence, embedded document management.

Infor customers — DSW, Palos Health, Elsinore Valley Municipal Water District — talk about the powerful functionality, speed, and other advantages of Infor CloudSuite Financials. References that can highlight the benefits of a cloud solution for finance departments.

In other words, find in this Financial Transformation Series how these 3 companies face the new digital era.

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Become the Finance Department You Always Knew You Could Be

Read this brochure to fully understand the depth and breadth of Infor CloudSuite Financials, a next-generation financial management solution built for the needs of those who matter most – your users.

Role-based, data-driven, and mobile-enabled, it redefines what financial management technology can be.

Therefore, more information in this report included in Financial Transformations Series.

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5 Ways Cloud Solutions Power Business Agility

Change is undoubtedly a double-edged sword for businesses, offering unprecedented opportunity to drive topline revenue and improve efficiency while also posing big challenges for your core operations and infrastructure. One major, ongoing change in today’s business environment is a shift to cloud technology.

This white paper will help show how cloud can help you: Simplify business operations, Expand capacity to accommodate seasonal or cyclical variations, Reduce the burden on IT, and Enable employees to work on the go.

Explore five key ways cloud computing can make these scenarios possible.

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