Smart Analytics BI Software- What is Smart Analytics Software?

Organizations are looking for technologies that help more people do sophisticated analysis. Smart Analytics BI Software is the solution.

Software vendors, are investing in analytical capabilities that help anyone—from data scientists to business users—get to answers faster and uncover unanticipated insights. Through machine learning, statistics, natural language, and smart data prep, we are making analytics more approachable to users of all skill levels. That is the definition of Smart Analytics BI Software All things considered, in this digital age, it’s easier to get your hands into data. Above all the goal is to utilize data in gathering insights that would lead to the optimization of your business performance. The challenge now comes in extracting crucial information from your data that you can actually use to leverage decision-making and analyze trends.
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Since this process is prone to losing metrics and trends in the mass of information, it is logical for businesses to use tools and software programs to transform raw data for human consumption by automating algorithms and mechanical processes. With the plethora of solutions available at your disposal, we compiled the leading data analytics software products in the category to check out.
  • We make your data more accessible by:

    • saving you from the usual routine of searching, downloading and processing data from numerous internal and external sources. We provide access to verified and visualized data for you, your co-workers, clients and partners.
  • We make your data more valuable by:

    • helping you to get maximum benefit from information you have. We explore and combine various sources of data, and apply the best analytical tools and technologies creating a product that will improve your performance and increase the intellectual capital and the value of your business.
  • We make your data more profitable by:

    • opening up new ways of using it for cost reduction, raising the quality of service and identifying promising market outlets. Our solutions will assist you with efficient planning and identifying specific business recommendations.


Data Management & Big Data

Intellectual processing of Big Data from both internal and external sources

  • Data collection and processing
  • Integration and harmonization
  • Data quality management
  • Automated data collection from internal and external sources
  • Big Data projects

Business Intelligence & Visual Discovery

Our user-friendly tools make light work of:

  • Data visualization and infographics
  • Reports and presentations
  • Flexible Online Analytical Processing (OLAP)
  • Geoanalytics
  • Data search
  • Self-service BI

Advanced Analytics and Forecasting

Comprehensive software solutions based on economic and mathematical modeling and machine learning

  • Time series analysis
  • System dynamics modeling
  • Econometric modeling
  • Scenario Analyses (what if and what for)
  • Data Mining

Mobile Analytics

Developing mobile applications for analytical and operative tasks

  • Applications for data access and search
  • Analytical apps
  • Mobile Office for top managers
  • Individually tailored apps for internal and external users

CHOOSE THE TOP-RATED Smart Analytics BI Software

Smart Analytics BI Software has helped transform hundreds of thousands of businesses around the world by providing self-service analytics at scale.  Here are top reasons why customers have chosen Smart BI as their analytic platform solution:
  • High value| Users can start free with Desktop.  Organizations can then choose to license users individually at a low monthly cost or extend business intelligence broadly with Smart BI Premium—purchasing only the capacity that’s needed. Since BI integrates with their existing tools, it’s instantly familiar and quick to transition.
  • Comprehensive analytics solution | Comprehensive capabilities allow users to model, analyze, and author to deliver business insights.  Organizations enjoy a flexible architecture that provides strong integration with Microsoft and 3rd party products and technologies for streamlined deployment.
  • Centralized management | Organizations can deploy in minutes and distribute BI content with just a few clicks. They can take advantage of the agility of self-service analytics with IT governance from Smart BI.
  • Global scale | Organizations have the flexibility to deploy their BI solution where they reside with global presence. BI provides guaranteed reliability and performance from a trusted company.
  • Security, governance, and compliance | Organizations can rely on a BI platform that helps comply with stringent industry standards and certifications, plus keep their data secure and control how it is accessed and used.