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Organization, optimized. Tableau Prep is the tool you need to prepare your business intelligence data

Why spend hours and hours making sure your data sources are clean and organized? Tableau Prep will help you make sure your data analysis is accurate and effective. This allows you to greatly shorten the time needed between data collection and actionable insights. Here are the things that Tableau Prep provide you with:

Immediate results

If you want to edit a value, you select and directly edit. Change your join type, and see the result right away. With each action, you instantly see your data change, even on millions of rows of data. Tableau Prep gives you the freedom to reorder steps and experiment without consequence.

Smart, so you can work faster

Use smart features to fix common data prep challenges. Tableau Prep employs fuzzy clustering to turn repetitive tasks, like grouping by pronunciation, into one click operations.

Connect to more data

Connect to data on premises or in the cloud, whether it’s a database or a spreadsheet. Access, combine and clean disparate data without writing code. Tableau Prep intelligently pushes operations down to the database when possible, letting you take advantage of existing database investments for fast flow execution performance.

Stay in the flow

Stay in the flow of your analysis. It’s easy to open your output with Tableau Desktop or share it with others via Tableau Server or Tableau Online. Easy sharing reduces friction and helps you bridge the gap between data preparation and analytics, for better business results.

Share and collaborate securely

Share your data sources securely using Tableau Server or Tableau Online. Create an environment where everyone in your organization can work with governed data.

Combine, shape, and clean your data for analysis with Tableau Prep

Tableau is the mainstay of your business support systems

Here are the ways you can get even more out of Tableau Prep:

Easy integration with other Tableau products – If you already use Tableau Desktop, you’ll feel right at home with Tableau prep. These programs share data connectors, calculation language, and other common functions so you can get going quickly.

Hyper engine technology – Hyper is Tableau’s data engine technology that allows you to enjoy fast interactions and fow execution. It uses proprietary parallelism techniques to accelerate the data prep process.

A far-reaching community to expand your knowledge – Learn and enjoy Tableau with over 150,000 passionate global users. Forums, events and user groups are there to help you learn how you can get the most out of Tableau Prep and other Tableau products.

Innovation to help you get the most out of your business intelligence software – The business world moves very fast and Tableau keeps up by integrating new and exciting ways to help you analyze data and optimize your business decision support systems.

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