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Oversight and management of the entire supply chain is essential to controlling costs and by extending the prices of your goods and services. Supply chain is important whether you manufacture a product or provide a service. Supply management entails:

  • Identifying, sourcing, and procuring a resource that is essential to your ongoing operations.
  • Negotiating contracts that are favorable to your company.
  • Maintaining relationships with suppliers, verifying that contracts are being followed, and holding suppliers accountable for poor performance.

Effectively managing your suppliers and vendors directly affects the numbers on your financial statements and annual reports such as cost of goods sold, net margin, and cash flow. In addition, managing your suppliers also entails a degree of risk management when a supplier is unable to fulfill their obligation to deliver a key component.

Collecting and maintaining accurate, complete, up-to-date information is critical to maintaining a clear picture of current and potential suppliers, while ongoing two-way communication is vital for good relationships. This process is greatly helped when you have a comprehensive supplier management platform.

Do you need full control over your suppliers’ lifecycles?

Turn to Proactis supplier management solution.

Simplify Your Supplier Directory

Proactis Supplier Management makes it easy to build and maintain a useful and comprehensive supplier directory. With this module you can build and maintain a broader and more rationalized supplier base by structuring and streamlining the entire supplier lifecycle. This includes:

  • Supplier Recruitment And Qualification – Proactis provides your team with an easy way to monitor supplier performance and risk, using easily customizable electronic questionnaires with automated response summaries.
  • Make The On-Boarding Process Easier And Quicker – Simplify and accelerate how you recruit, qualify, and adopt new suppliers. It’s a collaborative, online process that’s fast for you and your suppliers. Intuitive tools let you tailor questionnaires, auto-score responses and prioritize suppliers.
  • Maintain Supplier Relationships – Interact easily and instantly with suppliers using the Business Network from Proactis, which serves as a platform for a range of procurement applications. Self-service web tools enable suppliers to manage their profiles. They can also quote for jobs, receive purchase orders, upload invoices and check their payment status.
  • Maintain Contracts – When you have easy access to price history, order quantities, future supply needs, and suspected prices from competitors, you are in a superior position to negotiate lower prices. This brings more value to your supplier relationships and reduces costs and overhead.

It helps you reduce supplier risk and improve supplier relationships while dramatically reducing administrative effort. It makes supplier information readily available by consolidating it into a central supplier directory. It also reduces your procurement department’s workload by providing suppliers with controlled access to maintain their own company information and catalog, and to view current account status without the need to call.

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