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Get Your Materials Sourcing Under Control

Sourcing is the process of developing supply channels at the lowest total cost and not just lowest purchase price. In order for the sourcing process to be effective, it requires a dedicated purchasing staff. Whether it’s for a one-time capital equipment purchase, or for ongoing supply of particular goods or services, clearly defining the need and enabling an effective competitive bidding process are critical if you are looking to obtain best value for your purchasing budget.

This process can be complex and time consuming, and it’s often necessary to show that a fair and methodical approach has been taken. Rules that govern the process are complex and constantly changing. Evaluating supplier responses is time consuming and the entire process is difficult to define and track.

PROACTIS sourcing solutions can simplify the process giving your company full control. These tools structure, standardize, streamline, and track the entire sourcing process, from requirements specification, to electronic document publishing, response scoring, and contract award.

Improve the effectiveness and transparency of the entire sourcing process.

With Proactis Sourcing you can obtain the best value all along the supply chain.

A Flexible And Efficient Solution

It helps to reduce the cost of purchased goods and services by improving the effectiveness of the sourcing process. It also enables you to ensure full transparency while dramatically reducing administrative time and effort. It can handle all types of sourcing request and events such as RFIs, RFQs, and RFPs; reverse auctions; framework agreements; and complex Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU) tenders. It combines the sophistication required to handle the most complex solicitation project with a simple, intuitive user experience that guides even occasional users through the correct process.

  • Get The Information You Need Every Time – Collaboratively specify questions and score responses automatically. You can create documents with questions that express precisely what you need to know. Structure and automate the process of scoring responses so you can select the right option with confidence that you have performed your due diligence.
  • Get Multiple Quotes For One-Off Purchases Quickly And Easily – The Proactis Quick Quote Manager offers a fast-track process for well-defined and commonly used goods and services. It’s a fast and easy way to obtain multiple competitive bids from current and prospective suppliers for routine purchases. Seamless Purchase-to-Pay integration enables easy initiation of the quick quote process via requests from anywhere in your organization.
  • Give Competitive Bidding A Level Playing Field – Suppliers want your business so give them an easy-to-use process so they can compete for it. With Proactis, you can run an openly-competitive bidding process so participants will know that the supplier with the best value will be awarded the contract.
  • Save Costs With Better Agreements – An improved process and more information provides your organization with the agility to get better value and strategic benefits from purchasing contracts.

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