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Stop Chasing Pieces Of Paper

Supply chain management is critical to organizations of any size. How you approach purchasing and sourcing your materials directly affects the costs of the goods you sell. Proper supply chain management and spending controls streamlines your entire business and the key to this is effective reporting and management systems.

Without effective spending controls, you run the risk of your employees making unauthorized purchases. This is possible with the best of intentions but it opens your organization up to higher costs and increased risk. Unapproved purchases can be made from non-preferred sources. Many times you won’t know how much you are spending until invoices arrive and it is too late to adjust prices and terms or even refuse the transaction altogether. Costs can be contributed to the wrong accounts or departments.

Employees at all levels of your organization need the ability to buy the goods and services they need in order to do their jobs without undue effort or delay. But at the same time, you need to minimize costs, optimize the use of available funds, maintain essential financial controls, and ensure policy compliance. In order to do this, you must have a greater degree of control and visibility of the purchasing process.

Is your supply chain under control?

Your products will be of consistent quality and delivered on time with the proper supply chain management.

How Proactis Will Help

Proactis Purchase-To-Pay enables you to simplify the day-to-day purchasing process while ensuring compliance with all sourcing, authorization and financial controls. Proactis purchasing solutions simplify the purchasing process for employees so that they readily embrace it as the easiest way to buy the goods and services they need while following the organization’s established policies and procedures.

Avoid unnecessary purchases, use negotiated supplier agreements and rates, reduce freight and delivery costs, reduce the cost of PO handling, and reduce the costs of your accounts payable.

Purchase-To-Pay can also:

  • See a clear picture of purchasing, from transactions through to summary analysis.
  • Provide employees with highly intuitive access to electronic supplier catalogues and “punch-out” to websites for direct purchases, as well as streamlined submission and full visibility of purchase requests.
  • Provide managers with office and mobile electronic approval capabilities, as well as immediate visibility of request details and related financial information to support approval decisions and budget control.
  • Manage exceptions smoothly, via a workflow-driven troubleshooting process that checks back with all the right people automatically.
  • Gain full visibility of every purchase commitment to support cash management.
  • Show a complete history for spend analysis, supplier negotiations, and procurement process improvement.
  • Reduce the risk of vendor non-conformance and non compliance while reducing the potential for inferior materials to be delivered.

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