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Actionable Reports for Profitable Results

Budgeting and planning collaboration between different departments provides your business with more accurate financial data. But context and commentary often fall through the cracks, resulting approval delays, unnecessary meetings, or long email chains.

As you start to involve more members of your company into the budgeting and planning process, you need the right tools to capture the commentary behind the numbers. Prophix performance reporting tools enable you to pass on relevant information about your data, making it easier to understand.

  • Provide Insight – Collaboration between departments helps you add the “why” behind your data, and it can greatly reduce the time needed for planning. With Prophix’s performance reporting tools, your employees and your senior managers can work together to reach business goals.
  • Accelerate your Workflow – Adding supporting documentation and commentary to your data gives managers the details they need to expedite the approval process. This reduces time spent on email chains and in meetings, and accelerates your workflow, putting hours back into your day.
  • Actionable Reports – Performance reporting instantly identifies the purpose and context of your reports and empowers your employees to make better business decisions. Supplementing your reports with cell comments, line item details, and row notes allows you to add the crucial information needed for business success.

User-friendly, self-service dashboards

Prophix Dashboard Studio provides self-serve dashboards and visualizations directly integrated into Prophix data, workflow tasks, announcements and external URLs and databases. Always be informed and make better business decisions with Dashboard Studio.

With a few clicks or taps, you can build a dashboard relevant to your role and responsibilities or a corporate dashboard that provides an overall view of company performance.

Within seconds integrate Prophix workflow tasks, embed a 3rd party BI solution with a Prophix iFrame, show consolidated results with a Prophix Badge, post any favorite reports and/or company announcements and visually display data via 16 different chart tiles including column, bar, line, combo, gauge, area and pie. Each dashboard tile is a display element that provides information; a glimpse into the company and/or department performance.


Ad-Hoc Reporting and Analytics

Drill Deeper into Your Data

Automated Report Distribution

Is your team spending countless hours creating reports, only to redo or update them shortly after they’ve been created?
Manually collecting, consolidating, and formatting data are tasks of the past. With Prophix, you can automate these processes and put time back into everyone’s schedules. Automated reporting and distribution capabilities do all the work for you.

Visual Analytics

Stunning Visualizations for Better Insights

  • Superior Decision Making – Visual analytics make it faster and easier to understand data in real time. Because the visual data representations are linked directly to the source data, any changes are automatically reflected in the visuals. Now, decision makers have access to the most current information to ensure they’re making the best decisions.
  • Accelerated Analysis – In the past, you’ve plugged numbers into self-made charts or used rudimentary Excel graphing tools to create visual representations of your data. Now, you can uncover powerful insights with detailed interactive charts and graphs, all with a single click. Prophix’s visual analytics are linked directly to data with transaction detail. You don’t have to input the numbers yourself. Prophix does the tedious work for you.
  • Deeper Insight – With Prophix, you can see various viewpoints and perspectives, enabling many key stakeholders to interact and adjust data as needed. Using these comprehensive insights, you can answer questions like: how are we performing to targets, how are specific departments performing, and what are the underlying impacts of performance?
  • Easy to Use – Stun your stakeholder with visual data representations that have all the details of complex coding without the work. These visualizations are automated, requiring absolutely no coding on your end. And because they’re so simple to create, anyone in your company can generate these charts and graphs with minimal training.
  • Meaningful Presentations – You can use your visualizations for more than just Prophix reports. With our PowerPoint integration, you can access your dashboards – and all of your Prophix data right from your presentation. Answer questions on the spot by diving into the details behind your graphs without leaving your slides.

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