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Robust content management software allows your employees to quickly search catalogs.

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Buy Without Buyer Assistance

When your company needs to purchase something, it is important to know exactly what the product is and the prices available. Paper-based catalogs are inefficient and contain out-of-date and misleading product information. When your staff contacts a vendor by phone or online, vendors can use this as an opportunity to sell products outside the scope of an established agreement. It can be difficult to keep up with suppliers when they continuously add or change their offerings.

When a catalog of specific items from approved suppliers is readily available to users at the time of purchase, they can simply search for, select, and order the items they need, automatically incorporating the correct price, SKU, and other item information into their purchase order or requisition. There is no need to locate and physically search through paper catalogs and buyer assistance is completely unnecessary. The more items that can be purchased this way, the more effective and efficient Spend Control becomes for your organization. Management of diverse and ever-changing supplier catalogs can be a complex and time-consuming job.

Further, if you don’t have a centralized approach to managing your supplier content and multiple employees managing purchases, you run the risk of having duplicate suppliers and multiple item entries. This is especially true if your organization operates with different divisions where vendors and supplies can overlap.

Widen your choices while keeping it simple.

Enabling employee access to electronic supplier content is critical to your success with eProcurement.

The Proactis Solution

Proactis Content and Catalogue Management includes all the tools you need to manage supplier and in-house catalogs, to provide access to authorized supplier websites, to utilize external marketplaces and even to provide visibility to existing inventory. This software also allows you to:

  • Provide a centrally managed, content-rich electronic catalogue repository with consistent information, classification, search capabilities, and information display across all suppliers.
  • Your employees can browse and purchase materials in ways that are familiar. Simply browse the website and select items. Their shopping cart is then pulled into your P2P system. It’s run through the normal authorization process, and then the order is placed with the website or via a PO sent to the supplier.
  • Use maintenance and publishing tools to enable incorporation of new supplier catalogues and updates in an efficient and controlled manner.
    See current quantities on hand to allow your manufacturing to forecast future supply needs.
  • Provide suppliers with self-service capabilities to make the process even easier to control. For buyers, extensive search and visual item comparison capabilities make it easy for employees to find, compare and select exactly what they need. Integration with the Proactis Contract Management system ensures catalogue items and prices are always in sync with current contracts.

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