SmartStream Procurement

Avoid costly procurement expenses.


When your purchasing processes are slow and cumbersome, your business simultaneously slows production and increases risk. Purchasers are more likely to bypass procedures to save time. Your fast-paced business needs to be able to purchase supplies and materials quickly and efficiently to serve customers, but the process also needs to be thorough and able to help you control costs.

Infor FMS SmartStream Purchasing helps your purchasing department play a more strategic role in leveraging volume and reducing your supplier base for your full range of purchases. Your purchasing department no longer needs to execute every transaction—internal requesters can obtain better service with automated order processing for everyday, low-cost items. You can free your purchasing department to focus on using its expertise to obtain the best prices and achieve
top performance.

Infor’s purchasing module has a wide range of features including:

  • Process Automation – Increase productivity by automating all processes including high-volume purchases.
  • Site-Level Purchasing – Allows you to define multiple purchasing sites for different divisions or business units.
  • Supplier Performance Ratings – Monitor prices, delivery, and payment histories for multiple vendors through a customized rating system.
  • Workflow Management – Eliminate the need for time-consuming paperwork and phone calls needed to set up new vendors.
  • Online Catalogs – A simple system will allow ordering from online catalogs and instantly populate purchase orders.
  • Repetitive Requests – Route purchasing requests for approval and have orders automatically sent to vendors.
  • One-Time Orders – Allows submitters to request purchases with price information and specifications automatically entered.
  • Preferred Supplier Contracts – Allows automatic creation of releases for blanket order items.
  • Electronic Communications – Eliminates the need for manual communication with suppliers.

Make the purchasing and requisition process easier to manage.

See immediate results in your purchasing and inventory management processes.

Supply Management

A good supply requisition and management process allows you to deliver superior service and reduced overhead costs.

Infor FMS SmartStream Supplies Management system gives you a simple and flexible solution to manage your entire inventory process so that you can deliver superior services with reduced overhead costs. Its simple one-and two step processes with configurable workflow leverage SmartStream’s sophisticated statistical analysis features and integrate fully with SmartStream Financials to increase performances and boost your productivity. It delivers a complete inventory management solution for businesses that distribute inventory internally. This includes healthcare, utilities, insurance, banking, and other industries.

The Infor SmartStream supply module offers:

  • Onsite Inventories – Track and manage inventory for multiple locations, or keep a centralized inventory that serves all locations.
  • Easy Requisitioning – Uses one simple requisition that users can complete for both stock and non-stock requests.
  • On Demand Pick Lists – Real-time pick lists improve productivity by sequencing bins in a logical and efficient path.
  • Inventory Management – View inventory levels throughout your entire system and enter multiple adjustments.
  • Inventory Valuation – Integrate with payables to ensure that cost is always accurate.
  • Item Definitions – By defining an item only once, you simplify the task of maintaining inventory accuracy.
  • Consignment Inventory – Automatically generate a payment request to the vendor when consignment sales are made.
  • Replenishment Process – Set desired reorder points and inventory levels to automatically generate a purchase order for approval.

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