Cash Application

Cash Application

BlackLine Cash Application transforms the order-to-cash cycle by significantly reducing the time it takes to apply cash to open invoices.

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When customer payments and electronic remittances are received, BlackLine Cash Application uses AI to accurately apply payments to customer invoices in your ERP. Over time, machine learning enables continuous optimization by predicting future matches to further reduce the need for manual effort and reliance on remittances.

Use Intelligent Automation to eliminate manual accounts receivable processes and drive the most efficient end-to-end process from your customer invoice to cash in the bank—fully applied and closed.

Key Features And Benefits

  • Reduce unapplied cash by 99%
  • Reduce manual activity by 85%
  • Eliminate lockboxes
  • Reduce DSO by 5-10 days
  • Increase reporting visability.
  • 200 pre-built auto-match rules
  • Works with any bank
  • Multi-currency global solution
  • Works with any ERP system.

A Software as a Service tool.

With industry-leading security, availability, and accessibility.

With Cash Application From BlackLine You Can:

Increase Efficiency and Effectiveness – Transform cash application with accounts receivable automation that reduces the time and effort spent on this traditionally manual process. AI-powered automation enables your teams to focus on improving key metrics and driving operational efficiencies, instead of manually reconciling payments and depending on slow and costly lockbox services. With BlackLine Cash Application, accounts receivable and credit management teams are reducing manual effort by up to 85% and unapplied cash by up to 99%. No more falling days behind while unapplied cash accumulates and gains the unwanted attention of compliance and auditors alike.

Simplify the complex – BlackLine Cash Application has been developed from years of experience working closely with our customers to understand their most unique payment matching scenarios. Armed with 200 pre-built rules and a stepwise approach to deployment that involves comprehensive user acceptance testing, our team works with organizations to achieve 80% automation in a matter of weeks post go-live. As a result, our customers achieve a rapid time to value and realize business benefits from day one of using Cash Application.

Statndardize Accounts Receivable – Cash Application is the cornerstone of the accounts receivable department and processes. By enabling an up-to-date, real-time, and accurate understanding of the accounts receivable ledger, Cash Application provides a starting point for collecting cash, making customer decisions for providing credit, or deciding whether to hold goods and/or services—key decisions that impact the cash flow of your business.

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