Infor Unveils Major Industry ERP Update

Infor Unveils Major Industry ERP Update (Public Sector)

Infor has announced the latest release of its bi-annual update for its different industry CloudSuites. At the same time, it also revealed some platforms and updates to horizontal solutions. The new bi-annual update will allow the development teams to deliver meaningful updates twice a year that organisations can plan to take advantage of. It seems likely that

Infor will continue to roll out minor, mainly maintenance releases, in between these major updates. Cloud vendors have been promising continuous updates as a major advantage of cloud technology. The reality is that organisations need to plan change management and continuous updates are rarely taken advantage of comprehensively.

“The innovations that we are delivering with our October release will enable customers to boost agility, leverage data-driven insights for improved decision-making, and get access to industry-specific solutions out of the box. They are designed to help customers automate business processes, achieve business results faster and pave the way for business transformation.”
Soma Somasundaram,
Infor President & CTO

Infor recently announced a new RPA solution as part of Infor Enterprise Automation. This release confirms the integration of RPA across the Infor platform and suite of Infor applications. Below are some of the other improvements that Infor has made across its CloudSuites. Several updates are common across several applications.

Infor CloudSuite Public Sector

The updates to Infor CloudSuite Public Sector are grouped into three categories: Implement uniform processes to scale change, modernize operations with innovative services and nurture the next generation of leaders.

The improvements include:

  • Centralized report catalogue: Updates to Infor Financials & Supply Management (FSM) and Infor HR Talent (HRT) make reports available in one location. To reduce complexity and increase onboarding and training optimization from new administrators and leaders.

  • Reimagined workspaces for buyers and contract managers: New standard workspaces are available in the workspace catalogue. Specifically optimized for the unique needs of buyers and contract managers. New standard Workspaces are available in the Portal Workspace catalogue. Bringing together all employee + manager self-service functions across HRT, FSM and WFM.

  • ADP compliance integration: Introducing new standard third-party API-based integration for ADP Compliance Services. Compliance integration eliminates complex custom file-based interfaces built using IPA and other tools that GPS must support.

  • Shift Billboard Analytics: Updates to HCM provide supervisors, managers and leaders out-of-the-box data insights. To understand how the Shift Billboard is leveraged to fill open shifts within their organization.

Enterprise Times: What does this mean

While Infor does not seem to have updated every CloudSuite with this release, or at least the documentation on its site, it is an impressive update. The full release notes were not available to Enterprise Times. But there is sure to be a far greater set of improvements across the CloudSuites than the highlights above. The key to understanding the benefits of these is a thorough reading of the release notes. Not only will customers realise that the solution now solves even more pain points. But some of the bug fixes may eliminate some of the frustration that users can encounter.

Customers are enthusiastic about the release. Gerro Dijkstra, IT Academy Director at Nutreco, a global leader in nutritional solutions and services for the aquaculture and animal nutrition industry and Infor CloudSuite Food & Beverage customer said, “Infor is the heartbeat of our business. The Infor solution has helped us increase the efficiency of our factories around the world, so we can deliver the right recipes at the right time to our customers. New Infor capabilities such as RPA, AI and machine learning will help us automate processes and reduce complexity in the business.”