Industrial Transformation Series: CFOs Viewpoint

Industrial Transformation Learning Series

Discover Modern Tools to Improve Profitability in Industrial Sector

This Industrial Transformation series will help you understand how modern Cloud solutions are helping your industry.

In this series of topics, we will show how to improve profitability and increase agility.  All in one ERP/FMS Cloud Solutions are the technology accelerator.

In the first place, people don’t think of financial management software as innovative, fun, and easy-to-use. In the final analysis, core capabilities like general ledger and accounts payable, have not changed in the last decade. Until now.

Previously, finance departments have been left to cope with outdated technology. For the most part that simply does not reflect the way work gets done in a modern, global business environment.

Industrial Transformation Business Case: Elsinore Valley Municipal Water District


Elsinore Valley has moved its entire financial management system to the cloud with Infor CloudSuite Financials and Supply Management.

Jim Ollerton, Director of IT at the California public utility, is enthusiastic about the benefits: “The fact that I can power off 16 servers permanently—and offload all that to the Cloud Operations Team at Infor, that’s a big deal”.

Moreover, Jim states: “Being in the cloud opens us up to more automation, and using the really amazing Infor Business Intelligence tool. This is the time to reinvent your general ledger.”

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How to Approach Compliance With Confidence

Simply put, compliance means you are operating within the laws and regulations. For this reason executives need to  make sure accounting and finance functions are adhereing to the regulations.

In other words, what are those standards? Specifically, am I in compliance? Therefore does this apply for Financial Services? How can you prove that you followed them?

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Tableau & Big Data: Unilever Customer Story

From long-established names like Dove, Sunlight and Pond’s to new innovations such as the Purest affordable water purifier, Unilever’s range of consumer products and brands is as diverse as its worldwide consumer base.

In this video, Director of Analytics Rishi Kumar shares how Tableau fits into the company’s culture of using cutting-edge science to innovate and market over 400 products.

People have rekindled their interest in asking questions.

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Frost & Sullivan awards Infor CloudSuite EAM

Infor CloudSuite EAM earned Frost & Sullivan’s 2018 Customer Value Leadership Award for its dedication to helping clients transform their organizations. They found that Infor’s commitment to enhancing the customer purchase experience is reflected in its advanced capabilities that ensure easy implementation, agile scalability, robust analysis, and commendable flexibility.

Read this report to see how Infor is supporting companies in reducing their maintenance costs, optimizing resource utilization, maximizing asset life, and achieving energy savings through Internet of Things (IoT) functions. These gains have been experienced by end users from various industries including oil and gas, utilities, transit, public sector, industrial manufacturing, process manufacturing, healthcare, retail, construction, and hospitality.

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How Finance can lead Digital Transformation in Industrial Sector

To realize business transformation, finance organizations must embrace the growing demand for digital workplaces, flexible cloud deployments, and cross-functional, inter-departmental collaboration.

A bold digital strategy should enable finance professionals to seamlessly share information and make connected, data-driven decisions

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Hershey Case Study with Accounts Reconciliations

After years of expansion, Hershey found its systems and processes, which tracked approximately 4,000 general ledgers across one chart of accounts, required a lot of work to get the insight it needed.

Reconciliation of accounts was particularly problematic, with 4,104 active account reconciliations, prepared by 121 people, and 77 people approving them — all with varying styles, formats, and deadlines. Data was kept in spreadsheets, on paper, and in emails, and was stored in shared drives, local computers, and file cabinets rather than in a central repository.

It was clear that Hershey needed a different approach to account reconciliation..

Business Impact

Gained enhanced efficiency and visibility during account reconciliation; created greater consistency across accounts; alleviated potential risks from lack of oversight; and automated journal entry processes for quicker analysis.

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Using AI to Operationalize BI

According to research from Eckerson Group, an organization cannot stop at a deployment of  a BI and analytics system. Normally 10% of employees have the skills needed to produce insights from corporate data. In brief data workers cannot deliver insights to decision makers.

Specifically, that means much of the organization depends on a few experts to leverage data to make decisions.

Do you see the bottleneck?

Find more information with this white paper included in Industrial Transformation Series.

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Improve Inspections with Drones and Infor EAM


Keeping facilities operational and safe involves significant economic and environmental requirements.

With a drone’s ability to perform functions like perch-and-stare, video capture, and laser scanning, a drone can replace many of the dull, dirty, dangerous functions of inspection and surveillance.

Watch how Drone Enterprise Asset Management Solution (DEAMS) — a drone technology integration with Infor EAM —  can help inspect inaccessible assets and collect condition benchmarks, repeat measurements, condition images, and nighttime images to collect and show time-lapse conformity.

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