Industrial Transformation Series for CFOs – EAM

Industrial Transformation Series

Enterprise Assset Management

Your physical assets are an important part of your business. Not only do they help drive sales and production, but their maintenance and upkeep is critical to keeping costs under control.

Assets have a predetermined useful life from acquisition to disposal that all have different challenges in regards to record keeping, key accounting issues, and strategies for cost reduction. Your  Infor EAM system helps you manage every phase of the asset life cycle.

Extend Asset Life and Increase Efficiency

CloudSuite EAM is best-in-class asset management software that helps digitize and optimize maintenance operations to reach new levels of efficiency.

This 21st-century solution is built in industry-specific editions to address unique industry challenges.

Unlike niche solutions that simply can’t grow, or ERP add-on products that require extensive customization, CloudSuite EAM is a purpose-built asset management software that’s ready to scale and transform as organizations change and grow.

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Six Keys for Better Asset Management

With technology rapidly changing, asset management teams are often pulled away from the fundamentals of asset wellness and protection.

This article, originally published by Reliable Plant, is a back-to-basics primer to help determine if your organization’s fundamental elements are receiving the attention they deserve.

Download this article to brush up on the essentials and take time to re-educate yourself on the many benefits of modern technologies — from EAM solutions to analytics.

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Liberate Year-End Planning from Outdated Constraints and Rigid Expectations

This article, which first appeared on Manufacturing.net, discusses how organizations—and their facilities—need to be more responsive to the changes brought about by innovation and digitization and how they can truly take advantage of new technologies such as IoT and predictive analytics.

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Has 'Fighting Fires' Turned Plant Maintenance into High-Risk Chaos?

This article, which first appeared in Manufacturing Business Technology, discusses the importance of being proactive about plant maintenance so enterprises can feel confident about their crucial shop floor equipment.

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7 Steps for Implementing Reliability-Based Maintenance

This reprint of an article by Reliable Plant defines 7 steps for building a reliability-based maintenance (RBM) system.

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Reducing the Barriers to Entry in Advanced Analytics

The reprint of an article originally published on Manufacturing.net that examines how plant maintenance managers can leverage next-generation analytics to work smarter, not harder.

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Invenergy, Customer Profile, Infor EAM Mobile

Infor EAM Mobile was the solution that freed Invenergy from paper-based asset management records, enabling one of North America’s largest wind farm operators to optimize operations and spot broader trends from more granular maintenance data.

The system delivers greater accuracy and convenience in record-keeping, improved audit reporting, easier field access to maintenance data, and more significant operating efficiency for field maintenance crews.

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Choosing the Right EAM System: The Devil is in the Details

With the right EAM system, you can not only keep your assets operating within specs and reduce energy usage but also increase efficiency and identify problems before they shut down your operations.

Read this paper to discover the essential questions to ask about your current or future EAM system, to help ensure you’re getting the kind of asset performance that makes your maintenance operation a strategic differentiator instead of a cost center—and that you know all the costs ahead of time.

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