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The business intelligence platform is designed to integrate seamlessly with your existing IT.

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Birst is ideal for Payor organizations who have few internal resources to support complex data analysis and reporting needs, driven by ever increasing data volumes, coming from multiple, complex sources.  Birst supports all your reporting and analytics needs, on a single, low cost platform for mission critical business processes.

Connect to, Prepare, Combine and Analyze healthcare data wherever it resides to quickly and intuitively answer complex healthcare questions related to:

  • Cost & Utilization
  • Medical Utilization & Diagnosis Patterns
  • Pharmacy Cost & Prescribing Patterns
  • Risk & Quality Gaps

Learn how Birst helped a large Payor organization reduce the time it took to produce complex monthly Provider reports:

  • Reduced report preparation time for more than 2,000 Providers from 3 days each month to 3 hours
  • Automated the distribution of the reports
  • Saved thousands of dollars each month on costly internal IT support and development

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