Birst for Distribution Smart Analytics: Upgrade MITS or Infor BI

Birst for Distribution Webinar

The business intelligence platform driven by Smart Analytics is Birst for Distribution. Above all the solution is designed for the Distribution industry.  Birst is delivered with with pre-packaged dashboards and reports therefore shortening the time to value.

February 20th, 12:00 PM EST.

Join me to discuss how we can help your business.

We will show you how upgrading from Infor BI or MITS to Birst help your business.

This is a pre-packaged analytics solution designed exclusively for distribution companies.

Attend and you will learn more about what Birst can do.

I know that Digital transformation in distribution is creating new possibilities, but also headaches for businesses.  The availability of new and smart technologies create more data. Additionally ERP systems in the Cloud provides distributors with additional sources of data. We can show you how to leverage all this data with smart analytics.

In conclusion your business can;

  • Increase margins.
  • Improve on-time deliveries.
  • Boost customer satisfaction.
  • Win in a globally competitive marketplace.

I understand navigating these technologies can be difficult and a headache.  How does a distributor start on their journey of digital transformation?  What are the costs?  Is installation easy?  Will you provide assistance moving away from MITS or Infor BI?What results will I see? In summary join the webinar to get a glimpse of the possible.

After attending if you want a free trial of Birst for Distribution don’t hesitate to  Request it here.

What is Smart Analytics? Watch the sample video.

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    Unlock the information buried in your business systems with powerful reporting and analytics from MITS


    What is MITS Distributor Analytics?

    How do you know if you are on track to increase gross margin by 1% or reduce inventory costs by 5%? To drive positive change your team needs timely access to the metrics that matter most to your business. MITS Distributor Analytics is powerful business intelligence software that sits on top of your information systems and puts those metrics, and insight about them, into the hands of your team.

    Move the dial

    Eliminate lengthy, manual reporting cycles and give your people the power to find their own answers and make a real impact on the business. Using MITS dashboards, scorecards, and reports your team can quickly see the big picture and drill down into the details that tell the back story. Now they are empowered to solve problems, seize opportunities, and make decisions that move the dial on your key metrics.

    Watch this short video to see how drill down in MITS works:

    Get real business value from day one

    MITS is not a ‘vanilla’ business intelligence package, but a distributor-specific analytics solution packed with hundreds of pre-built, customizable dashboards, scorecards, and reports—so you get immediate value and fast ROI. In fact our customers routinely tell us that MITS paid for itself within a few short months.