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Contact us for a Free Proof of Concept of  Tableau 


Would you like to find out how Tableau will work for you?

Contact us and we will turn up, connect Tableau to your data and Systems, or use a sample of data set in excel from your Company.

We will run some analysis and reports you need, recommend  some completely new ways to work with your data and leave whole thing for you to test.

Request a Tableau Free Proof of Concept HERE  or contact us via email for more information.


Tableau Proof of Concept


We provide POC (Proof of Concept) type support in the preparation of initial analysis:

1. We will define your reporting needs

2. We will identify the data sources

3. We will prepare a sample dashboard in Tableau on your data


Moreover,  we will effectively test the efficiency, ergonomics, practical use of data, therefore we will right away ensure your business some measurable savings and competitive advantage.

Take part in our Smart Solutions International workshops and you will see how pleasant it is to work with Tableau



Tableau Proof of Concept



Fast Analytics – Connect and visualize your data in minutes.

Speed – Tableau is 10 to 100x faster than existing solutions.

Big Data, Any Data – From spreadsheets to databases to Hadoop to cloud services, explore any data.

Update Automatically – Get the freshest data with a live connection to your data or get automatic updates on a schedule you define.

Ease of Use – Anyone can analyze data with intuitive drag & drop products. No programming, just insight.

Smart Dashboards – Combine multiple views of data to get richer insight. Best practices of data visualization are baked right in.

Share in Seconds –  Publish a dashboard with a few clicks to share it live on the web and on mobile devices.


Tableau Free Demo - Data Trends and Covid 19