PROACTIS Contract Management


Your procurement professionals work hard to identify the best suppliers and negotiate “best value” agreements. Contracts “lock in” those terms for use by the organization, but those advantages are lost when contracts are not applied as purchases are made – perhaps because contracts are not clearly visible to employees at the time of buying. In addition, your organization may be at risk if contracts automatically extend or expire, or if either party fails to maintain compliance with contract provisions.

Proactis Solution

PROACTIS Contract Management helps you increase the proportion of spend “under management” and “on-contract” by providing improved visibility and control of contracts throughout the contract lifecycle, and by ensuring that the organization consistently utilizes established contracts when buying goods and services. It provides a central electronic repository for all types of supplier contracts, with links to the purchasing system that make them fully visible to buyers. It automatically collects purchase and delivery activity for analysis of supplier performance and buyer commitments. And it continually monitors contract dates and other criteria, alerting the appropriate people when reviews or actions are needed.