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Take Control Of Purchasing

If your organization is like most, then your purchasing process is a complex web of measurements, approvals, forecasts, and processes. It has evolved to this because purchasing has a direct impact on a number of business aspects including cost of goods sold, product quality, and bottom-line successes. Unfortunately, a side effect of this is that purchasing departments become paper pushers, concentrated only on getting the approvals and completing the processes needed in order to move on to the next purchasing task. When your costs are rising, your purchasing processes are a likely culprit.

Better Tools Will Lower Purchasing Costs

It is extremely important for companies to be open to making changes and improvements to their procurement processes. Training is essential but even more critical to a streamlined process is a comprehensive technology solution that allows them to easily control and manage spending.

When you give your purchasing staff easy-to-use and accurate procurement tools, they have the time they need to concentrate their efforts on other tasks. These are important business tasks such as managing vendor relations, seeking out lower cost alternatives, evaluating transactions, supplier management, contract management, managing inventory, negotiating discounts, and reducing overhead and costs.

Don’t get bogged down with administrative duties.

See immediate results when you take control of your purchasing processes with state-of-the-art procurement software.

SunSystems Procurement Is Your Essential Purchasing Tool

With more than 20 years of built-in experience, Infor SunSystems Procurement frees you as a purchasing professional from labor-intensive administration and processing tasks. At the same time, Infor SunSystems Procurement empowers staff by permitting them to manage their own purchasing requirements within the rules and policies defined for their organization, but through an intuitive user interface that is customizable to your needs. Users are able to drill down into a transaction to gain an accurate and immediate picture of where the transaction stands—from requisition, to purchase order, and receipt of goods to supplier invoice and payment. In addition, a flexible workflow facility permits employees to match approval and authorization requirements at any stage of the workflow process.

  • Receive Goods – Quickly and accurately scan in the receipt of goods, matching them against purchase orders. This also gives you the ability to reject and return defective items and communicate order inaccuracies.
    Invoice reconciliation – Users can enter invoice details manually or import them via document scans. Not only that, they can match invoices quickly and easily.
  • Requisitions – Easy-to-us, browser-based screens allow users to define requisitions—either entering data manually or selecting it from catalogues—and then track their progress in the purchasing cycle. In addition, users can attach items such as scanned documents, emails, and images to aid in the approval process. The solution also provides budget checking and commitment accounting.
  • Organize By Business Unit – Separate purchasing processes by business unit so that each process has its own approval stream.

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