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CFO Reporting At A Glance

Today’s CFO’s not only control, measure, analyze, and monitor the financial information of a company, but nowadays everyone has access to the numbers. CFO’s are being tasked with the role of an adviser and internal business consultant. This is why a top-down financial data analysis tool is critical from an accounting standpoint. The modern CFO is required to:

  • Adhere to and stay informed about financial compliance requirements both international and domestic.
  • Provide financial controls for all operations and be able to audit those controls according to government regulations.
  • Drive down operational costs while maximizing ROI for all capital assets.
  • Decide how to invest surplus cash taking into account risk and liquidity.
  • Effectively plan costs, labor demands, and revenue forecasts years into the future.
  • Develop a long-term financial picture of the company.
  • Provide accurate financial information for annual reports and shareholders.

See Instant Results

Infor SunSystems Financials is a highly functional and powerful financial management system that provides CFOs and key decision makers with exceptional analysis and reporting capabilities. This helps them understand and manage the business like never before. The solution is designed for rapid, low-cost deployment, providing companies with fast ROI and low total cost of ownership in more than 20 languages.

Cover all aspects of core financial management.

Simplify all operational reporting, budgeting, forecasting, and accounting tasks.


SunSystems Financial is a powerful accounting tool that combines the attributes and functions of multiple transaction ledgers including sales, purchasing, cash books, and analytical and project ledgers across multiple divisions and business units in multiple currencies. Other important accounting functions include:

  • Open accounting periods to match the organization’s posting and reporting requirements.
  • Dual base currency that supports GAAP.
  • Bank reconciliations created from real-time bank account information.
  • Auditable transaction archive.
  • Sophisticated and flexible ledger inquiry function.
  • Automated calculation of payment terms.
  • Detailed and customizable tax reporting.
  • Over expenditure benchmarks and checking.
  • Definition of budgets for up to five analysis categories within a budget account.
  • Ability to restrict budgets to the current period or provide multi-year budget control.
  • Flexible depreciation can support up to ten methods per asset.
  • Track asset history and lifecycle statuses.
  • Multicurrency asset register.
  • Support for corporate allocations.

A Sound Accounting Solution

Constantly changing regulations and accounting standards such as the conversion to IFRS amplifies traditional challenges of corporate financial management tasks like never before. Evolving business models, changing strategies, and acquisitions only add to those challenges. Every CFO needs a first-rate solution for his or her organization that provides current, accurate, comprehensive financial and operational information while also delivering the agility to adapt quickly to changing conditions and the power to support timely, sound decision making.

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