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Prophix Corporate Performance Management

On-Demand Overview Webinar


Explore the benefits of Prophix and how it revolutionizes the budgeting process for businesses in any industry.




Video Timestamps


Introduction by Smart Solutions

Challenges 1:09 – 3:55

Agenda 3:56

Dashboards & Analysis 5:42

  • Dashboards 5:42
  • Financial & Variance Reporting 9:56

Drill down & across 13:16

  • Ad-Hoc Analysis 16:09



Budgeting & Planning 20:00

  • Workflow 20:20
  • Operational Expenses 24:25
  • Detailed Planning 29:35
  • Revenue Planning 38:08

Forecasting: 39:02

  • Automated Rollforwards 39:32
  • Version Control 41:18

Reporting 43:50

  • Report Binder Distribution 44:07


Spreadsheets may be the go to choice for budgeting and planning, but they quickly become error-prone, insecure, disconnected, time-consuming, and are non-collaborative.

With Prophix, you can address these shortcomings while simultaneously maintaining a familiar spreadsheet look and feel.

Plus, you have a solution that provides greater functionality than any spreadsheet ever could.

Your user community benefits from improved productivity, which results in more time for analysis and enhances the overall performance of the organization.

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