banking software

The financial services industry constantly faces new sources of disruption and risk. This includes integrating cash and financial management processes into a comprehensive system.   Banking software must streamline usage across multiple applications.

The right strategy and tools should enable organizations to build greater customer loyalty. In like manner, competitive disruptors like non-traditional providers shouldn’t be a concern.  Moreover, measures should be put into place to protect customer data and remain compliant.

In addition, industry leaders are partnering with Infor® to innovate and transform banking software in new and unique ways to drive productivity. As a result, CloudSuite by Infor is an innovative approach to structuring and categorizing the financials of business transactions.  Infor Financials & Supply Management makes it easy to report and manage from multiple perspectives simultaneously.

From operational details, to consolidated entity-wide analysis, to regulatory reporting mandates, Infor FSM does it all. By the same token, fully integrated supply management provides continuous disciplines to drive spending and cost reductions. With the ability to closely track supplies and streamline order processes doesn’t just reduce costs.

Infor FSM is a complete source-to-settle solution that gives you full visibility of indirect spend. This helps to identify opportunities to control spend by increasing compliance and leverage with suppliers.

Infor CloudSuite provides everything needed in banking software!

Infor’s financial network solutions help drive digital solutions at every touch point.  At every level along the supply chain, employees, and customers can expect an amazing user experience.

By innovating at this enterprise scale, organizations can create a long-term competitive advantage that builds demand and brings brand loyalty.

Because CloudSuite Financials works with Infor OS, users gain access to a set of cloud services that can serve the entire enterprise. With open source compatibility, purpose-built middleware unifies both Infor and non-Infor systems. In addition, this banking software provides organization-wide visibility.  Therefore, data visualization capabilities work across systems to deliver information automatically based onusers’ specific roles and priorities.

From its robust technology infrastructure, CloudSuite Financials delivers unified business management capabilities on one platform—from financials to HR to supply chain management and beyond. CloudSuite Financials’ end-to-end capabilities are fully integrated and delivered in the cloud to provide the ultimate security and flexibility. With this banking software, organizations benefit from a reinvented global ledger, business analytics and user friendly interface.

On top of all of this, everything can be done with mobile cloud-based access.

Infor CloudSuite Financials combines more than 30 years of best practices and expertise with innovative new technologies.  In doing this, the have created an end-to-end, fully integrated solution
built for users and designed to support complex and dynamic organizations.