Infinium Upgrade to the Cloud

Infinium: Legacy Infor Upgrade Program

Upgrade, simplify, and save with an upgrade of Infinium

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 Infinium Upgrade: above all the same functionality to the Cloud for the cost of your current maintenance (in most cases)

Specifically Infor’s unique Infinium Upgrade program for existing customers allows you to get equal functionality on a Cloud platform at the same cost.

The additional functionality is available at a nominal cost.

From Legacy Infinium to the Infor cloud

This exclusive upgrade program is designed for  Infor legacy customers like you can get the greatest possible value from your investment.

When you join the program you get a simple, cost-effective upgrade path that delivers you both choice and value.

There has never been a better time to upgrade your Infor solution.

With this in mind, the unique upgrade program is a statement to the value Infor has for it’s existing clients and leverages your investment in support and R&D over the years as a client.

The pricing offered is exclusive to existing customers.

You, the client, have the choice from basic bundles or the full suite of modern, cloud-based, solutions for Finance, HR, Asset Management, Budgeting, and Supplier management.

For one thing many studies show that after all considerations running a cloud-based Solution is 30% less expensive than an on-premise solution.

The next step is to contact us for a free no-obligation consultation if this upgrade is right for you. Join the 75 million Infor Cloud users.

Doubly important and coupled with Smart Solutions International winning Financial Services Partner of the year for 4 consecutive years, we are confident you will be successful in your cloud transition.

Let us show you how our expertise and experience can be of value to you for your Infinium Upgrade plan.


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    To summarize, why a Upgrade the to cloud?

    • Reduce system code modifications you have on your existing systems that have hidden support costs
    • Standardize on a simple but powerful platform that serves all your constituents with their specific needs
    • Optimize processes without functional trade-offs with easy to use workflows
    • Better User Support through being on the latest platform and functionality
    • Coupled with cost savings


    At the same time hosted on Amazon Web Services

    • The hosting comes included and integrated to the Infor Solution, that means it is a full turnkey solution
    • Amazon is named as a Leader in Gartner’s Infrastructure as a Service Magic Quadrant for the 9th Consecutive Year
    • The cloud solution from Amazon (AWS) has been architected to be the most flexible and secure cloud computing environment
    • (AWS) is the world’s most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud platform, offering over 165 fully-featured services from data centers globally


    Simultaneously obtain Dual support on your legacy system and the new platform for up to 36 months

    Above all, Infor knows changes present challenges, so to help you in your transition, support comes at no additional cost on both your on-premise legacy system and the new Cloud solution.

    For example, Transitional Support is available to customers who wish to continue to receive incident management for their perpetual licenses while they transition to their new SaaS environment, at no additional cost.

    Finally the support is included as part of their SaaS subscription fees

    • When a customer purchases new licenses and maintenance for a New Product Line, they often will require a transition period to move from the Old Product Line to the New Product Line.
    • During this time they may still require support on the Old Product Line.
    • In the past, customers had only one option if they wanted support on the Old Product Line: to continue to pay their existing maintenance bill for the Old Product Line, in addition to paying maintenance for the New Product Line.
    • As a consequence, with the Transitional Support program, customers have the extra insurance needed
    • With this in mind, all this will help you implement at your own pace and needs


    With this in mind stop paying support on your legacy Infinium platform immediately

    • The moment you sign the contract you stop paying on-premise support
    • In essence, unused pre-paid support will be reimbursed towards the SaaS cloud contract


    Additionally, this is a fully integrated platform including Reporting, BI, Finance management, Funds allocation

    CloudSuite Financials and Supply Management can help you run your business more efficiently than ever before, with intuitive tools, seamless cloud migration, and comprehensive service offerings designed to help firms flourish.


    Above all, Smart Solutions International provides expertise in migration

    • Data converted as part of the project by experts with experience
    • A proven methodology for migration built-in as part of the program
    • Significantly is a local partner with expertise in Legacy systems SmartStream, Masterpiece and Infinium


    Infinium Upgrade; the same functionality for the cost of your maintenance

    Give your business the latest in enterprise resource planning (ERP) capabilities with Infor CloudSuite™. Notably your cloud solution, your users will be empowered to make better decisions with in-context analytics.

    Your IT and business support teams will gain flexibility to configure solutions to your business needs without the need for expensive customizations.

    Now your bottom line will benefit from lower cost of operations and predictable subscription expense.

    Furthermore the Infor upgrade program for Infor legacy customers gives you the flexibility to choose the options that are right for your business.

    Best of all, you get a cost-effective way to move to the latest technology.

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