Your time is valuable, and managing your annual budget probably takes up too much of it. As your business grows, budgeting becomes more complex and harder to manage. You need the right tool to streamline budgeting and increase accuracy.

With budgeting software from Prophix, you can do everything you’re doing now in Excel, but you’ll do it faster, easier, and better. Simplify your budgeting process and put time back in your own schedule.

Explore the benefits of Prophix and how it revolutionizes the budgeting process for businesses in any industry.




How Can Cloud Budgeting Software Help Me?


Increase Accuracy
Tired of switching between your CRM, ERP, and payroll software for data to build your budgets? With Prophix, data collection is automated, condensing all relevant metrics into a single budgeting platform. This increases your data accuracy and eliminates the need for manual data input.

Gain In-Depth Insights
With all your data combined into a single platform, you now have greater insight into the implication metrics have on your budget. You can see the big data picture with in-depth reports and adjust your budget for the optimal results with just a few clicks. Leverage crucial data insight for the best budget.

Improve Collaboration
When building budgets in the past, you’ve probably found it difficult to coordinate between different departments and navigate competing interests. Now, employees can easily enter data how and when they want, increasing their buy-in for the budgeting process.

Automate Tasks
Today, automation capabilities are more powerful than ever. With Prophix, you can automate some of the menial tasks associated with budgeting. For example, you can automate budget submission and review processes through the appropriate workflows, removing one more task from your to-do list.

Mitigate Risk
Switching between multiple platforms and working in personal budgeting spreadsheets can easily lead to errors. A missed value or incorrect formula could destroy your whole budget! Instead, you need a budgeting software that has built-in controls and increased data accuracy.

Save Time
All of these benefits come together to save time. The work once done by multiple department heads over many days can now be done by a single person in a short number of hours. Prophix offers a streamlined, innovative way to improve your annual budgeting process.

Facilitate Agile Budgeting
Whether you want a cloud-based or on-premise budgeting solution, Prophix can facilitate your needs. With our budgeting software, you can choose the deployment option that’s best for your business, and easily transition to another deployment method if your needs change. Plus, thanks to our cloud-based option, you can access your budget from anywhere, on any device.


Prophix Budgeting and Planning solutions are the easiest decision you’ll ever make.

Maximize what your financial firm is capable of with Prophix.

Cloud Migration Made Simple

The easier your move to the cloud is, the more quickly you can get right back to work. With Smart Solutions, we put you in the best position possible to operate with an accounting service that makes financial management a simpler process than it ever was before, with access to real time accounting data and relevant information concerning your internal process and clients’ information. At Smart Solutions, we make sure that our technology offerings actively work to make your life easier. Our fully-integrated solutions are proven to maximize productivity, optimize performance accuracy, and keep your data secure from various cyberthreats.

Effective Collaboration Leads to Efficient Execution

Making better decisions more quickly is what every company wants. In business, you can’t afford to rest on your laurels—you need a solution, quickly. Smart Solutions can help you stay “forever modern,” putting you in a unique position to always grow, regardless of industry factors that might have derailed you when you worked with outdated software. Never settle for a solution that’s not quite right for what you want to achieve. Boost performance, increase efficiency, and make your business run better, with Prophix.

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