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National Cooperative Bank, which delivers banking services to cooperatives and other member-owned organizations across America, uses software from Prophix for advanced business reporting and forecasting, and to conduct ‘what if’ analysis.


Dime Community Bank ROI Case Study

Dime Community Bank deployed Prophix Cloud to modernize its budgeting and financial
data management capabilities. The company realized significant time savings from task
automation and has reduced its reliance on manual spreadsheet-based processes. Since
deployment, Dime has improved its budget accuracy and implemented variance analysis to
track its actual performance against planned forecasts.


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Move beyond Excel and drive performance

Spreadsheets may be the go to choice for budgeting and planning, but they quickly become error-prone, insecure, disconnected, time consuming, and are non-collaborative. With Prophix, you can address these shortcomings while simultaneously maintaining a familiar spreadsheet look and feel. Plus, you have a solution that provides greater functionality than any spreadsheet ever could. Your user community benefits from improved productivity, which results in more time for analysis and enhances the overall performance of the organization.

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Budgeting and Planning

Budgets are no longer a burden. Improve budgeting accuracy, reduce risk, and leverage automation to increase buy-in.

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Reporting and Analytics

Build dashboards that provide comprehensive, easy-to-understand views of company performance with just a few clicks.

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Consolidation and Close

Enhance financial consolidation by adding processes and controls. Prophix automates collection and accuracy.

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Workflow and Automation

Automate repetitive processes and build comprehensive workflows. Save time. Have confidence in your reports.

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