SmartStream Web Extensions

SmartStream Web Extensions

Accurate, up-to-the-minute accounting and finance data right at your fingertips.

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Quick And Accurate Information

Web-based accounting software modules are the quickest and easiest way for a business to present and gather information from customers, employees, vendors, virtually any point of contact and business process can be placed on the web for key decision makers to use at any time and for any business purpose.

Discover the main features of the cloud based web extensions module below.

Web Ledgers

This interfaces with other SmartStream applications and improves information management across your enterprise via the internet. It provides your users with secure and convenient access to the information they need, and also lets you use the policies already established in your Infor FMS SmartStream Platform, Ledger, and Funds Control systems. Specific capabilities keep your data moving at the speed you need to compete.

Web Invoice Approvals

This is a web-enabled extension of your Infor SmartStream Accounts Payable module and it allows for efficient processing of invoices online. Through the web you can view detailed invoice history, trigger the next approval in the process chain, maintain comments, and attach supporting documents. With Web Invoice Approval your managers will gain the ability to quickly approve invoices with a minimum of training.

Back office software doesn’t need to stay in the back offices.

Web extensions will allow you to share whatever information or functionality you need.

Web Purchase Orders

Your Infor Purchase Order application is web-enabled, so it saves you time by improving communication throughout the PO process. It displays all outstanding PO’s needing approval, which allows you to approve or reject and send the PO on to the next stage of the workflow, enter approval or rejection comments, view attached files, and set priority levels for PO’s for approvers later in the workflow.

Web Receipt

Through an ordinary web browser, requesters can record the receipt of incoming orders, check on receipts previously added, and update as needed. Likewise, goods ordered through your current Infor FMS SmartStream client can be received with this efficient new web application.

Web Requisition

Eliminate the need to install vendor catalogs and prices. This brings real-time capability to your materials requisition and supply chain processes. Not only will this allow you to control the costs of goods sold, but it can be used for indirect goods such as office supplies.

Vendor Self-Service

This application provides a secure, real-time method for your vendors to check their accounts payable information over the web. It provides an intelligent interface to your Infor FMS SmartStream Accounts Payable application and provides vendors details such as payment status, payment history, and invoice information.

Employee Self-Service

Infor HCM SmartStream Web Employee Self Service features an easy-to-use graphical user interface that can be accessed through a standard web browser.

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