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SmartStream Financial

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Scalable Accounting Software

Your business is constantly adapting to the marketplace. Investments made years ago begin to feel hollow when compared to new requirements. Infor SmartStream general ledger functions gives you a way to refresh existing technology so you can meet today’s requirements without impairing future prospects.

General Ledger

Infor FMS SmartStream General Ledger puts an intuitive, accessible face on a powerful and sophisticated set of features. Financial managers with access to the General Ledger can view all journal details, approve or reject entries, add comments, and trigger the workflow for the approvers at the next level. SmartStream General Ledger can also improve your workflow by routing journals to users based on existing workflow maps, workgroups, approval lists, and structures. Users can then review their journals and either approve or reject the journal. They can also review the approvals that they have already completed.

Since decision-making often requires you to see a journal’s underlying details, SmartStream General Ledger lets you view the unposted journal, along with details about both pending and completed approvals.


Accounts Payable

SmartStream Payables from Infor provides the means to efficiently process many types of payment requests, including invoices (both matched and unmatched), generic check requests, travel reimbursements, customer refunds and invoices for repetitive payments. A payment schedule helps you maximize cash flow by ensuring discounts are taken and payments are not made earlier than necessary.

Accounts Receivable

SmartStream Receivables from Infor includes the functionality necessary to manage accounts receivable (AR), customer credit and customer remittances. These activities are integrated into processes that will help you improve cash flow, manage outstanding receivables and evaluate credit risks.

Infor SmartStream modules are a scalable financial information platforms.

It will also provide you with the financial tools you need for day-to-day operations and continue to grow alongside your business.


SmartStream Billing from Infor provides basic and flexible invoicing capabilities for organizations that do not need close integration with inventory management or production planning. It works in conjunction with SmartStream Receivables and ideally meets the needs of businesses in the healthcare, government and services arenas.

Project Management

SmartStream Projects from Infor is a tool that helps front-line managers take control of all the financial aspects of their projects including tracking and managing costs related to capital or expense projects. With SmartStream Projects, you have full online access to actual costs, budgets, and forecasts to effectively manage the project and compare actual expenditures to budgeted expenditures. You can even track commitments – such as a purchase order that hasn’t been invoiced – to maintain an accurate view of future expenses and eliminate surprises.

Asset Management

Infor™ FMS SmartStream Assets is the result of over 40 years of real world experience garnered by our global team of industry experts. Members of our professional services organization go far beyond simply installing and implementing software systems. They know how to tailor each installation to meet the specific needs of your business because they know the specific demands of your industry.

Infor’s ongoing support and training will help you feel confident that the solution you choose today will meet your needs for many years to come.


Infor FMS SmartStream Allocations helps you attribute, analyze, and manage revenues and expenses efficiently and effectively to deliver top financial performance. Whether you need to allocate financial transactions according to individual divisions, business units, or product lines, SmartStream Allocations gives you a better view of the true profitability of every aspect of your business. It also allows to choose between allocation inputs, calculation methods, and output options. It’s fully integrated with Infor FMS SmartStream General Ledger so that you can use it with SmartStream Budget or as a standalone allocation tool in order to redistribute any amount and gain full visibility over the performance of every area of your business. This powerful solution also allows you to create reusable components to give you maximum agility.

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