Human Capital Management

Human Capital Management

What organization wouldn’t want a global workforce management tool that is powerful?

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Streamline Your HR Processes

Labor and employee compensation represents a significant portion of your business expenses. Infor’s Human Capital Management (HCM) tool allows you to customize all aspects of your human resources IT.

Infor HCM can be implemented quickly so you will see an immediate return on your investment. This allows you to take full control, minimize expenses, and empower your employees to get the job done right.

Get comprehensive human resources management tools.

Streamline the work of your SmartStream financial software and eliminate difficult processes.

Efficient Resource Management

Infor HCM addresses complex core resource processes that face organizations regardless of the size or industry. This cutting-edge HR technology includes:

  • Easy Access To Human Resources – Web-based portals maximizes the efficiency of hiring, retirement, termination, and other processes. This gives easy access to employee histories, demographics, job evaluations, position control, bonus structures, and other complex processes.
  • Benefits Administration – Manage and control multiple progressive benefit plans. This component supports an unlimited number of pre- and post tax benefit options and tracks detailed and customizable measurables to ensure effective monitoring of costs. One of the important features of this component is the ability to accurately and securely track and report health plan coverage in accordance to HIPAA standards.
  • Payroll – Comprehensive payroll and tax administration capabilities make sure all employees are paid accurately and on time. This integrates seamlessly with other modules to provide accurate real-time payroll reports, workers compensation reports, bonus allocations, quarterly and annual tax reporting, retroactive pay calculations, and adjustments. Your employees can see at a glance their pay and deductions and W-2’s and other tax documents are available at any time for download.
  • Time And Attendance – Effectively capture and track when employees punch in and out. The module can generate accurate management reports for both authentication and forecasting purposes. These reports are auditable and compliant to complex regulations such as the Sarbanes-Oxley act and ISO 9000 requirements.
  • Scheduling – Optimize scheduling to reduce idle time, minimize disruptions, and empower employees to define availability and preferences. You can customize the ability to bid on or trade shifts, and set schedules through intuitive web-based self-service applications. This reduces the administrative strain on managers while enhancing employee satisfaction and retention.
  • Recruitment – This is a multilingual, web-based recruiting component that is designed to help you find the right individual for every position. Using workflow technology, this module gives talent acquisition managers the capability to post open job requisitions both internally and externally. You get the tools you need to expedite all aspects of hiring candidates including online job postings, candidate ranking, interview management, EEO reporting, recruitment cost analysis, and metrics reporting with ease.
  • Learning Management – This provides web-based access to learning for employees across all business processes across your enterprise. All training methods are supported including instructor-led, online/web-based, computer-based, and event learning.

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