Capture vital corporate knowledge and tie communications to processes to work smarter.

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Capture Vital Corporate Knowledge With Business Social Networking

Modern businesses have communications tools such as e-mail to share information. All too often though, these tools become information vacuums instead. Work assignments can be missed, key facts are lost, and important opportunities, risks and connections are lost in ever-expanding email chains.

Infor Ming.Le will transform the way you work by incorporating innovative and modern social media concepts into your business environment. From collaborating alongside core systems like ERP and financials, to “following” people and objects, you’ll solve problems and get work done in distinct ways that are familiar to the modern employee.

What Does A “Social Business” Do?

Since the Infor Ming.le platform is embedded within key organizational systems like enterprise resource planning (ERP) and supply chain management (SCM), employees across all areas of your business can communicate and collaborate. Employees can share information such as documents, plans, photos, videos, and more in a centralized location with all activity captured and easily searchable.

  • Increase Productivity – By delivering information in new ways and letting people work more efficiently. You’ll also reduce email loads by putting information where people can easily find it and marrying communications with business processes.
  • Retain Corporate Knowledge – People are great resources of institutional knowledge and Ming.Le allows them to store as much as they can about any topic or project. This mitigates information that is lost to platforms like email or instant messaging.
  • Attract And Retain Top Talent – When you provide technology that delivers a consumer-inspired experience and creates a work environment in line with increasing employee expectations, you appeal to the kind of talent that can drive your business forward long-term.
  • Improve Decision Making – Ming.Le makes sharing knowledge and taking different opinions and viewpoints into account much easier. This helps when making far-reaching decisions that will affect the way your business operates.

Solve problems and accomplish work in ways you never thought possible.

Align your business environment in a way that allows your employees to change the way they work.

Improve Business Processes

When you integrate Ming.Le to your applications and processes, you gain a powerful communication tool that allows you to apply advanced tools to any strategic plan or day-to-day- task.

  • Tasks And Alerts – Information is transmitted in real time which allows your users to keep up with the progress of important activities. You can filter, view, and monitor information to keep tabs on the items that matter most. Infor Ming.le also includes a workflow interface that can push approvals and alerts to the appropriate people when problems arise.
  • Drill Back – When you are presented with data, drill back easily allows you to see the information that supports the data on your screen. Zero in on issues that matter, investigate cost spikes, and keep your operations under control more easily.
  • Social Objects – “Follow” particular documents, teams, projects, people, and other social objects just as you would on popular social media platforms. This allows you to get updates on that object as events happen.

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