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Six signs you need a finance makeover

As your business evolves so too should your systems. It’s time to rethink the current ways of doing things and create bold strategic contributions with Prophix. If you are ready to take FP&A to the next level, this paper is for you.

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Eight ways Workforce Planning can increase profits

Workforce planning will help your organization gain an edge over competitors, increase forecast transparency and better align human capital requirements with your business goals.

Consider integrating your data sources into a Workforce Planning solution as a component of a Corporate Performance Management (CPM) system with Prophix.

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Cash is king!

Many companies treat cash as an afterthought, neglecting to forecast the Balance Sheet because it’s simply too difficult. Instead, they rely on spreadsheets to organize data from the General Ledger.

Know your cash position at any given time

Corporate Performance Management (or CPM) is an umbrella term for software applications that automate your business’s non-transactional processes – specifically picking up where your ERP system leaves off.

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Unlocking the power of visual analytics

The ingredients of any great recipe may be mundane or even unpleasant on their own; it is the masterful blending of ingredients that create a true gastro delight..

Similarly, data is entirely useless in its raw form. To be of value, data needs to be collected, arranged and analyzed to transform into actionable intelligence. This is the recipe for success when actualizing data into action.

Read our latest whitepaper and learn how visual analytics is the nexus where Corporate Performance Management & BI meet to unlock the true value of your data.

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