Intercompany Hub

Intercompany Hub

Eliminate the biggest bottleneck and risk to a fast, accurate global financial close with an integrated intercompany accounting process. The BlackLine Intercompany Hub empowers organizational entities and business units to approve, review, and reconcile intercompany transactions and balances across currencies and geographies in real time. Centralize end-to-end intercompany accounting management and streamline process, reduce risk, and realize global visibility.

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Global, Multi-Entity Centralization

Bringing intercompany data from every entity’s systems into BlackLine’s cloud-based system yields a single, centralized view into all activity around intercompany accounting. From one interface, accounting teams can create, approve, review, and reconcile transactions across entities, accounting groups, currencies, and geographies. The Intercompany Hub provides real-time processing, eliminates differences, generates invoices, and automatically books journal entries to otherwise disconnected systems, removing the need for manual intercompany reconciliations.

Characteristics and Benefits

  • Centralize Global Goverance & policies
  • Standardize intercompany transaction administration
  • Ease reoconciliation and matching
  • Facilitate netting and settlement activities
  • Increase reporting visability
  • Centralize all supporting documentation related
    to transactions in one easily accessible location.
  • Control the creation of intercompany transactions with
    standard templates.
  • Implement dynamic work flows
  • Define the intercompany entities hierarchy, and configure relationships to enforce transaction consistency.
  • Create automated workflows, match and reconcile
    transactions, and increase settlement visibility eliminates
    complexity and increases efficiency while mitigating risk.

Software as a Service Tool

With industry-leading security, availability, and accessibility.

With Intercompany Hub From BlackLine You Can:

Transform Intercompany Accounting –Eliminate outdated back-end intercompany accounting with a proactive approach Standardized workflow with rule-driven automation.

Bring global data to one location –Get governance, data and transaction management, reconciliation management, clearing and settlement, and reporting.

Generate transaction data – Generate transactions and import already published transactions from external data sources to provide complete visibility for audits and reports.

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