EAM: Enable Human Productivity Through Technology

Enterprise Asset Management (EAM)

Enable human productivity through Technology

Your physical Assets  (EAM) are an important part of your business and human productivity

Not only do they help drive sales and production, but their maintenance and upkeep is critical to keeping costs under control.
  • Leverage real-time information for better decision-making w/predictive analytics
  • Increase productivity through mobile
  • The agility of the cloud to make real time decisions in the field


Assets have a predetermined useful life from acquisition to disposal that all have different challenges in regards to record keeping, key accounting issues, and strategies for cost reduction.

Your EAM system helps you manage every phase of the asset life cycle.

  • Transportation is safe, convenient, and reliably on time.
  • Manufactured goods are built to spec and delivered on schedule.
  • Patient care is timely and thorough.
  • Infrastructure is safe and well maintained.
  • Energy is delivered without interruption and in a cost effective way.

The high cost of asset maintenance failure

No organization wants to be in the headlines because of a negative situation.

Unfortunately, that can happen if your asset management program lacks efficiency.

Organizations that don’t optimize the maintenance of their critical assets can face:

          • Productivity, brand, and safety recalls or consequences

          • Equipment breakdowns and unexpected downtime

          • High costs of supply shortage and emergency repairs

Take a look at this info-graphic to help you get started on the right path to creating your enterprise asset management strategy.

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9 reasons to move asset management to the cloud

Moving an enterprise asset management (EAM) solution from on-premises to a cloud platform can allow organizations to focus on improving asset management practices, rather than on implementing and maintaining an IT infrastructure.

At the same time, organizations gain a scalable, reliable, secure, and accessible solution that enables them to take advantage of modern data analytics and maintain compliance with changing regulations—all for a predictable monthly or annual cost.

Here are nine ways a cloud EAM solution can help improve ROI for any organization to drive better decisions and human productivity

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Turn asset management into a competitive advantage

Today’s asset management solutions need to go beyond their older responsibilities of simply handling work orders; they need to help organizations become predictive instead of reactive.

Choosing your EAM system wisely can turn your company’s asset management program into a competitive advantage—something you may not have considered.

The right EAM system can more easily support sustainability initiatives, ensure greater regulatory compliance, and increase the reliability of your assets through predictive maintenance—all at a reasonable cost and with the flexibility and scalability you’ll need as you grow.

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Key details and questions when choosing an EAM system

With the right EAM system in place, organizations can not only keep assets operating within specifications and reduce energy usage, but vastly increase efficiency and identify problems before they shut down operations.

In short, an EAM system can be used to optimize maintenance and turn it into a competitive advantage.

Many of the existing solutions on the market are little more than frameworks that require costly and expensive customizations to create a complete EAM system.

Customizing software complicates future upgrades and makes staying current on technology updates more expensive and less likely.

If that doesn’t sound appealing, it’s time to consider what a purpose-built EAM system can deliver human productivity.

Learn more about the five primary categories to consider when looking for an EAM system

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