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What is Birst?

BI and Analytics have been around for 30 years, with the idea of taking data out of Enterprise applications and turning that into insight so Business Leaders can make decisions that drive better business performance. Historically those applications have been either feature-rich, but slow and IT-centric, or easy to use, but bound to simple desktop use cases.

Birst is the clear leader in next generation enterprise analytics. Birst breaks this trade-off by leveraging a native multi-tenant cloud architecture along with patented BI automation, delivering robust analytics capabilities and data governance with ease of use and end user agility.

Birst was born in the cloud and our multi-tenant cloud platform incorporates the complete BI and analytics stack including:

  • Visualization

  • ETL/Data Prep

  • Reporting

  • Analysis

Birst addresses all architectures, public and private clouds, on-premise and hybrid as well as in the cloud. So no matter what the BI or analytics scenario is at a customer or prospect, Birst can fit the bill.

The Birst solution has built-in intelligence – it’s smart.  It has patented data preparation and end user visualization capabilities that make it an industry-leading product for business professionals who want to discover insights in their data as well as organizations who need to build new analytics solutions.

Birst is built for the Enterprise– it was built to solve enterprise-grade problems .  It’s no coincidence Birst is ranked at the top by leading analysts such as Gartner and Forrester.

Most importantly, Birst was founded by industry veterans who have built successful BI products before. Birst brings together a team of experts with BI experience going back more than 20 years. We know how to solve the most complex BI and analytics problems, so you can feel confident when you’re choosing Birst for your customers and Prospects.


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Webinar – “Discover new insights rapidly”

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In an attempt to create their own integrated views of the business, many users turned to Microsoft Excel® as a default tool for dumping and piecing together data—an approach that is time-consuming, error-prone, and costly. Simply put, businesses can’t react quickly when they have multiple teams using multiple tools, getting multiple answers.

The third most common challenge for organizations without a modern data architecture is:
Inability to discover new insights rapidly because of complex workflows and the need for specialized resources.

  • IT Driven with focus on technology and integration

  • Delivering Value is Secondary

  • Can’t move at the speed of changing business climate

  • Long Lead time to insights from new data sources


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Webinar – “Rapidly scale with low costs”

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We will show you during the webinar the Inability to Handle All Data and Use Cases:

  • Expensive to scale when needed
  • Constrained by Hardware Sizing
  • Expensive Hardware and Software
  • Disjointed Technologies with specialized skill sets


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Webinar – “Get a Handle of all your Data”  

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We will show you during the webinar the Inability to Handle All Data and Use Cases:

  • Many disparate systems

  • Variety of Data Types

  • Predefined Data Structures

  • Multiple User Types with different user needs

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