Birst: leading with Data

Birst – Leading with Data


Smart Solutions International begins this new series Birst – Leading with Data during pandemic times.

Organizations need to modernize their analytics – or invest in analytics if they don’t have any –  if they are going to remain productive and competitive in today’s markets.

Birst and the series “leading with data” helps you how to lead the trends during uncertain times.

Older Business Intelligence systems can’t keep up with the breakneck pace of today’s business landscape.

Numerous risks entailed with staying shackled to legacy Business Intelligence include data silos, reporting chaos, and data integrity erosion.

Birst – Leading with data:

  • Next-generation BI empowers end users with trusted data at business speed.

  • Forward-thinking Chief Data Officers (CDOs) have already discovered, and leading analysts agree, that the expense of continuing with legacy BI is greater than the cost of making a change.

  • Therefore, Birst is taking centralized and decentralized analytics to the enterprise with an entirely new, modern experience, focused on making everyone from enterprise administrators to data modelers to business users more productive and driving actionable analytics out to the edge of the enterprise.

  • Finally, Birst enables a CxOs to change the culture of decision making and data usage within their organizations.

Moreover, Birst is the only enterprise Business Intelligence (BI) platform that connects together the entire organization through a network of interwoven virtualized BI instances on-top a shared common analytical fabric.

We start the Birst Leading with Data Series with a disruptive solution that is changing the way organizations deliver BI projects.

In conclusion, Networked BI is different, allowing both top-down and bottom-up blending of data.

The result is local execution with global governance, eliminating data silos once and for all and dramatically accelerating the delivery of BI across the enterprise.

Why cloud business intelligence?

Above all, the smartest businesses pursue every available opportunity to maximize performance and minimize costs.

Generally, Business intelligence (BI) tools—used to analyze data, identify trends, and support business decisions—are still gaining in popularity among companies of all sizes as they seek to optimize efficiency and productivity and a competitive edge.

Therefore and unlike traditional business intelligence solutions, cloud BI is becoming much more accessible, less expensive, and less risky while the benefits are becoming more compelling for all.

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The future of BI is networked

Businesses today no longer operate like a collection of disconnected silos.

Your BI and analytics solution shouldn’t either.

Networked BI is a breakthrough approach to analytics that connects every part of your organization via a shared analytical fabric that every person can easily access and extend.

It eliminates analytical silos once and for all, empowering everyone with self-service BI capabilities that enable you to leverage the collective intelligence of your organization.

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Governance in the age of data discovery

The pace of modern business has increased significantly, and traditional BI platforms have failed to keep up with evolving analytical requirements.

Business users demanding speed and autonomy have adopted desktop-based discovery and visualization products, circumventing corporate BI standards for tools and data.

Unfortunately, while these products deliver speed and ease of use, they lead to the proliferation of data silos, spreading data chaos throughout the organization.

Business leaders demand that a new balance of data management be established.

This new model must promise not only data governance, but also the ability to easily source, share and manage data across different departments and lines of business with agility.

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Four key selection criteria when choosing a modern business intelligence platform

A modern BI platform should be designed from the ground up based on the idea that trusted, and well-governed data is not at odds with speed and ease of use.

By leveraging modern technologies like artificial intelligence and cloud computing— multi-tenancy, virtualization, machine learning, and web-scale architectures—it is possible to combine the centralized and decentralized models of BI, delivering the best aspects of both: enterprise scale end-user self-service without analytical silos.

For everyone to make confident decisions, it is critical to maintain consistency and trust in the data.

To support this, check out the criteria that should be used to help select your next BI platform.

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