Industrial Transformation Series for CFOs-Birst

BIRST Industrial Transformation Series

Modern cloud BI and analytics to optimize your most complex business processes

Birst is the only enterprise Business Intelligence (BI) platform that connects together the entire organization through a network of interwoven virtualized BI instances on-top a shared common analytical fabric. We start the Birst Industrial Transformation Series with a disruptive solution that is changing the way organizations deliver BI projects.

In essence Birst enterprise BI delivers:

First, the speed, self-service, and agility front line-business workers demand

Second, the scale, security, and control to meet rigorous corporate demand

And finally achieves all of this with low Total Cost of Ownership via public or private cloud configurations

Networked BI virtualizes the entire analytics and data ecosystem, enabling the transformation of an organization’s approach to analytics.

In summary, this enables organizations to expand the use of BI across multiple regions, product lines, departments, and customers in a more agile way and empowers these decentralized teams to augment their enterprise data with their own local data.

Networked BI is different, allowing both top-down and bottom-up blending of data. The result is local execution with global governance, eliminating data silos once and for all and dramatically accelerating the delivery of BI across the enterprise.

SunnyD Gained End-to-End Visibility

SunnyD had eight different legacy systems in place, each an independent silo of decision making.

Conflicting information led to revenue unpredictability, lower margins and high inventory buffers.

Birst powers SunnyD with a comprehensive, easy-to-use platform that enables a holistic view of their supply chain. With this visibility, SunnyD has been able to optimize planning from promotion to production to fulfillment in order to maximize profit.

They achieved 7% savings on expedited shipping, 2% sales increase from visibility into store inventory and “just in time” delivery to eliminate stock-outs and, 90% reduction in overtime costs from adjustments due to forecast visibility and order-to-fulfillment process improvements

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Performance and Scalability in Industrial Sector

Click the link to the left to read this Birst Technical Brief.

Birst’s modern web-scale architecture delivers enterprise-grade performance: real-world usage, a modern web-scale architecture, and performance and scalability optimizations.

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Collaborate - A Platform for Networked Business Analytics

Birst’s unique networked business analytics technology enables centralized and decentralized teams to work collaboratively by unifying IT-managed enterprise data with user-owned data.

At the same time, Birst automates the process of preparing data and adds an adaptive user experience for business users that works across any device.

This white paper will explain Birst’s primary design principles; how Birst, an Infor company, provides a complete Networked Business Analytics platform; the key elements of Birst’s cloud architecture; an overview of Birst security and reliability.

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Birst Transformation Series: ``Security and Reliability``

To protect the privacy of its customers and the safety of their information, Birst, an Infor company, maintains high standards of data security and reliability.

Birst relies upon state-of-the-art and secure data centers, enforces strict internal product controls, and regularly audits its policies and procedures using third-party auditors.

Security and reliability are analyzed in this white paper included in Birst Financial Transformation Series

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Legacy BI: The Greatest Risk you Face as a CDO?

It’s a digital age, and modern users expect fast easy-to-deploy Business Intelligence (BI) tools. Older BI systems can’t keep up with the breakneck pace of today’s business landscape.

Numerous risks entailed with staying shackled to legacy BI include data silos, reporting chaos, and data integrity erosion.

Forward-thinking Chief Data Officers (CDOs) have already discovered, and leading analysts agree, that the expense of continuing with legacy BI is greater than the cost of making a change.

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Birst Mobile Empowers Users with Insights on the Move

Mobile devices and applications are now a standard part of the work environment, and consequently, it is no surprise that Mobile Business Intelligence (BI) is becoming the fastest growing means of consuming data.

In fact, some organizations have ‘mobile first’ strategies, where the primary information delivery mechanism is mobile. Mobile BI, therefore, is no longer just a “nice-to-have,” but is quickly becoming the principal way business users demand to consume analytics.

The Birst Financial Transformation series focused now on Mobile and empowers users in the digital age.

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Birst Customer Stories: AMEX and More

American Express AMEX sought to unify 945 different source files from three different systems and chose Birst to automate this process.

This Analytic solution enabled AMEX to better manage to spend through the analysis of over 100 key metrics. The business outcome for AMEX was significant revenue and market share growth.

Intrigued? Here’s a look at 7 companies that transformed their business with analytics.

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Birst Transformation Series: ``Experience the Power of Infinite Scalability``

Birst’s modern web-scale architecture delivers enterprise-grade performance Delivering analytical capabilities across the enterprise inevitably requires supporting large data volumes and high levels of concurrency.

This is why Birst has been designed to deliver world-class performance on top of a modern, multi-tenant cloud architecture that can scale infinitely across a shared-nothing, multi-node environment.

Unlike traditional client-server-based solutions, there is no single bottleneck to hinder performance. 

Experience the power of infinite scalability in the link to the left included in the next Birst Financial Transformation Series.

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