Deliver remarkable experiences

Infor® Human Resources is a powerful set of cloud-based human capital management (HCM) software solutions that empower your people to deliver streamlined processes with remarkable experiences. This solution replaces complex processes, workflows, and systems with sophisticated, yet intuitive technology. Give your HR professionals the ability to connect your business and talent objectives to create significant value across your organization.

Infor CloudSuite

Take advantage of a total solution

Experience an innovative cloud-based, fully integrated, single solution with the same user experience


Create a global people connection

Enjoy a secure, shared source of global-ready, industry-specialized foundational workforce information


Utilize a single HCM resource record

Create a single resource record for all core HCM business process with no interfaces required to synchronize data



  • Design a simplified pay cycle
  • Utilize consolidated configuration for pay-cycle processing
  • Take advantage of a payroll administrator dashboard
  • Lock time records during pay-cycle processing
  • Experience cloud financial integration


  • Absence Management—Automate time off programs
  • Benefits Management—Offer health, medical, disability, insurance, and retirement/investment programs to employees, retirees, and special participants
  • Compensation ManagementPerform planning and award budgets

Infor HR Payroll in the cloud

Infor HR Payroll is a proven solution delivering one global system of record for all employees. The solution provides complete in-house payroll processing capabilities with multiple options for service partners to manage back-end payroll processes, including employment tax filing, wage payments, wage garnishments, and other value-added services. Read this data sheet to learn more about the solution’s key features and benefits.

Global HR

  • Experience cloud-based leading technology
  • Build a global enterprise foundation
  • Create a single record for your people
  • Enable HR application connectivity
  • Take advantage of Infor Global HR extended solutions

Case management

  • Deliver automated case routing
  • Report and analyze all aspects of cases
  • Create surveys to collect valuable feedback from your people
  • Track service-level agreements (SLAs)
  • Support agent and manager queues

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