Smart Solution International’s Partner Affiliates are an extension of our sales organization.

They offer local geographical sales, services, support and expertise in our product portfolio as well as being specialized by industry and micro-vertical.


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eResults is a company  in Brazil with professionals specialist in business management and process automation solutions,  supporting all or financial accounting process in companies of different sizes: from small to large companies, and offering:


Implementation Projects

Local Functional Support


Products: BlackLine


Profitline is a financial-business advisory and consultancy company of professionals with high expertise on Financial Solutions.

A complete solutions for the management and growth the companies in Brazil, including:

Advice and consultancy in financial processes

Automation of Financial processes

Consultative Accounting

Treasury Management

Products: BlackLine

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Costa Rica

EXYGE provides Management Consulting and Operations (managed services) for non-manufacturing industries and the management and back office areas of every industry, with high specialization in topics around effective management, financial services and support areas (finance, accounting, treasury, procurement, human resources, sales administration, project management, back office and shared services operations)

Products: Blackline

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Dominican Republic

Promunika has the experience, human and technological resources to offer companies the opportunity to have business intelligence tools that will help them make the most convenient decisions in real time through the statistical analysis of the data produced from different sources of company data.

Products: Tableau


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Designed entirely in the cloud from the ground up, BlackLine is the only unified technology solution built specifically for accounting and finance. No messy acquisitions, no disparate hybrid software-hardware combinations, and no expensive middleware or upgrade costs, just the world’s most trusted solution for Finance Controls and Automation.

Affiliate: eResult          Country: Brazil

Affiliate: EXYGE           Country: Costa Rica (Latin America)

Affiliate: Profitline        Country: Brazil


Tableau is focused on one thing – helping people see and understand data. Organizations everywhere, from non-profits to global enterprises, and across all industries and departments, are empowering their people with data. With Tableau they are finding opportunities in their business that they have never seen before. Learn more about how organizations like yours are using our platform to drive their business forward.

Affiliate: Promunika         Country: Dominican Republic


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Consulting and BPO
Simplify complex financial processes, Tax assessment, Compliance process, accounting services, project implementation, BOP, functional support.

Affiliate: eResult       Country: Brazil     Product: BlackLine

Affiliate: Profitline     Country: Brazil    Product: BlackLine

Management Consulting and Operations
Management Consulting and Operations (managed services) and the management and back office areas of every industry.  Financial Services, Shared Services Center, Back Office and Support Areas.

Affiliate: EXYGE    Country: Costa Rica   Product: BlackLine

Strategy, Marketing and Communication
Business and Marketing Strategy, Communication, Marketing Plan, Research and Develompment, Promotion and Advertising.

Affiliate: Promunika   Country: Dominican Republic    Product: Tableau

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